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Waist Trimmers

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  1. NB - V-Shaper - Waist Trainer

    NB √-shaper by Danish bikini athlete and coach Natja Barnova & Only Approved Supplements. A breathable and comfortable waisttrainer to support your core and aid in the development of a small, tight waist line. It can be used daily while working or during training to support a good posture and usage of core muscles.


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  2. MPA Supplements - Vasoseries Waist Trimmer - Increase Heat and sweat production

    Waist-trimming belts and corsets have gotten increasingly popular over the past few years, and now MPA Supplements are officially throwing your hat into the ring. If you have ever tried a conventional, uncomfortable and unsteady belt, you are not going to be disappointed with the “Neoprene Vasoseries Waist Trimmer.”


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2 Item(s)