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Vitamins & Minerals

Are Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Created Equal?

Vitamins and Minerals has a role to play, in general health. Most often, people get the required amount through a varied diet consisting of Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Cereals and dairy products. Anyone who find interest in health and especially fitness enthusiasts will supposedly think that they get a healthy and varied diet. However the challenge is, that athletes and fitness enthusiasts often live within a very structured plan. 

A diet plan is not necessarily varied.

Think about it. You live week after week, 24 hours a day according to the same principles that are adjusted as needed to take on weight or lose weight. In a perfect world, variation would appear in the form of changing food sources, but it is difficult to "Calculate with." One of the main points of a diet is to count calories, and adjust as little as possible thus having maximum benefits. If this is to be done continousky week by week, there is a need for the variables to be as small as possible, and therefore the variations is often minimal.

Which Vitamins and Minerals Should You use as Dietary Supplements?

This is just as individual as people are different. It must be based on the individuals diet and lifestyle, in order to address whether or not there is a need for a vitamin or mineral supplement. However, there are some basic supplements that might be beneficial for everyone

  • A good multivitamin. Choose a quality multivitamin with good reference sources.
  • Vitamin D3. Most do not "suffer" from 3-5000 IU extra d3 vitamin daily, summer and winter
  • Calcium / Magnesium - If you do not use milk products, calcium may be an advantage. Magnesium is perhaps the most important mineral for athletes who sweat a lot and are more physically active than average.

We recommend products from Life Extension as the sources of vitamins and minerals are listed, and you can rely on the sources. Life Extension is a high-end product that is not made for distribution (read, not super profitable) as the idea behind the company is to make a quality product, at a price that everyone can participate in.

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  1. Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Vitamin A"

    High dosage of Vitamin A - 1200mg contributing to normal vison, immunesystem & maintenance of normal skin. 90caps in one container.

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  2. Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Multi VITAMIN" - Ultra High Potency

    No more underdosed and ineffective multi vitamin-mineral products. "Multi VITAMIN" by Yamamoto Nutrition® is here. All of your daily essential vitamins and minerals in the right dosages and the very highest quality on the market, fortified with PABA, Grape Fruit extract and Lutein as well. Supplementing for optimal health has never been easier and more convenient.


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  3. Scitec Nutrition - "Calcium-Magnesium" 100 Tablets

    "Calcium-Magnesium" 2:1 ratio minerals formula by Scitec Nutrition. 100 tablets per container. Maintain a normal energy-yielding metabolism, bone health, protein synthesis and more.


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  4. Scitec Nutrition - "Zinc" - Essential Mineral

    ”Zinc” from Scitec Nutritions ’Scitec© Essentials’ series supports optimal t-levels as well as over 80 other hormonal processes in the body.


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  5. Scitec Nutrition - "Vitamin D3" - An Important Vitamin Source

    "Vitamin D3" by Scitec Nutrition. The important sunshine vitamin source. Support healthy levels and fight deficiencies with this dietary supplement. One tablet a day is sufficient.


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  6. Life Extension - Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome

    Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome by Life Extension is a high-potency vitamin C supplement enhanced with ultra-absorbable bio-quercetin for immune support. 1000 mg of vitamin C per serving. Encourages healthy immune system function. Promotes healthy uptake of iron and formation of collagen.


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  7. Life Extension - Optimized Chromium with Crominex® 3+

    We require energy to maintain a normal function of the organs in our bodies. Vital parts of our bodies like red blood cells and the brain can only use glucose as a fuel source, and you want to be able to metabolize the fuel properly for it to benefit you. The micronutrient chromium is a great to supplement with if you wish to maintain a healthy glucose metabolism, and Life Extension’s ”Optimized Chromium with Crominex® 3+” has everything you should be looking for in such a supplement.


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  8. Life Extension - Extend-Release Magnesium

    Magnesium is a very important mineral for your body and is necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions. Sadly, most of us do not get a sufficient supply of magnesium from our diet alone, and this is where the ”Extend-Release Magnesium” by Life Extension comes into play. It contains magnesium oxide for a more long-term absorption and magnesium citrate for a rapid uptake. The combination of a slow and fast absorbing form of magnesium respectively, is exactly what makes this product so advanced and thus rendering the results equally as advanced and unique for the consumer.


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  9. Life Extension - Zinc Caps

    Zinc is a trace mineral that all human beings require for a variety of different bodily functions. It contributes to the normal function of the immune system and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and also helps maintain normal Test levels in the blood as well as keeping the vision normal. The mineral is also important for the maintenance or normal skin, hair, nails and bones. Furthermore, zinc is vital for keeping cognitive function normal and protects the cells from oxidative stress.


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  10. Life Extension - "Vitamin D3" (3,000 IU) - Sunlight In Capsules

    Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is responsible for your body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Having optimal Vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorus levels is important for building and maintaining healthy, strong and dense bones in humans. Vitamin D is used to prevent and treat certain bone disorders as well. In the Northern and Western part of the world, Vitamin D3 deficiencies are becoming more and more prevalent, hence why it is a great idea to supplement with it. You can stack your multivitamin supplement with Life Extension's "Vitamin D3" (3,000 IU) to obtain the optimal Vitamin D3 levels in your blood.


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  11. Scitec Nutrition - "Daily Vita-Min" - 1-A-Day Vitamins/Minerals

    With Scitec Nutrition's "Daily Vita-Min", you will experience the absolute easiest way to safeguard yourself in terms of recommended daily vitamins and minerals intake. You only need one single tablet per day to reap the benefits of all these important and essential nutrients! Support vitality and health the most easy and convenient way possible.


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  12. Life Extension - Complete Vitamin B Complex

    Vitamin B has an important part in absorbing and transforming nutrients as well as maintaining general organ functioning in the body. Life Extension's Vitamin B supplement has up to 7 times better absorbance compared to standard formulas. This will lead to a much better nutrient absorbance in the body and thus give a much better effect.


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  13. Life Extension - Vitamins D+K - Synergy in one capsule

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  14. Life Extension - Magnesium (Citrate) 160 mg - Bioavailable Mineral

    Magnesium (Citrate) by Life Extension. 100 vegetarian capsules. 160 mg of magnesium citrate per capsule. Bioavailable mineral for cardiovascular health, bone strength, -flexibility and -health, maintenance of proper muscle- and nerve function, and much more*.


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  15. Life Extension - "Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D" - For Healthy Bones

    Life Extension's "Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D" for healthy bone support and much more. A highly absorbable calcium form fortified with vitamin D3.


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  16. Life Extension - Natural Vitamin E

    Natural Vitamin E from Life Extension contains natural vitamin E which helps to protect and rebuild body cells. A natural vitamin E supplement is a good dietary supplement, especially for those who suffer from vitamin e deficiency, compared to the many synthetic products on the market. Often it is not a problem to use the synthetic products but natural supplements of vitamin E are always easier for the body to absorb and utilise.


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  17. Life Extension - Super K + Advanced K2 complex

    Vitamin K2 has been overlooked for years but is now growing in popularity. Vitamin K, and especially vitamin K2, has a positive effect on people with osteoporosis. Also, for bodybuilders vitamin K2 has a positive effect on the heart and improving poor blood circulation, which makes Life Extension's improved vitamin k2 supplement, Super K + Advanced K2 complex, a very useful health supplement.


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  18. Life Extension - Two-Per-Day Capsules - Multivitamin/-mineral Supplement

    Two Per Day - Vitamin Complex is a powerful dietary supplement containing multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This multiproduct is a great health supplement as it provides you with a boost towards a healthier body and better health.


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  19. Quicksilver Scientific - "Liposomal Ultra Vitamin" - Vitamins Blend

    Quicksilver Scientific's "Liposomal Ultra Vitamin®" is a comprehensive state-of-the-art blend of stable and highly metabolically active vitamins and antioxidants blend that offers maximum absorption and efficacy. Also included are the three most potent carotenoids known - lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene - to broaden the spectrum of protection.


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  20. New

    Life Extension - "Mix" Wolds most complete Multivitamin / Mineral / Antioxidant

    360 Capsules (30 Servings) makes Life Extension Mix, the most comprehensive multivitamin / multivitamin / multi-antioxidant today. It serves as a complete supplement for covering health aspects in a single serving (12 Capsules) spread throughout the day.


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