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Easy & Tasty Protein Waffles With Svenja Siewert

The easiest and most tasty protein waffles you'll ever have


| Only Approved Supplements athlete Svenja Siewert shares her delicious protein waffles recipe with us,
and it's most likely one of the easiest ones you'll ever see.


You will need:


  • Two mixing bowls


  • Hand mixer


  • Waffle maker


  • Ingredients as listed below





  • 60g flour of choice (Svenja uses a gluten free mix)


  • 2 whole eggs


  • 2 egg whites


  • 200 ml of skim milk


  • A teaspoon of baking soda


  • Sweetener of your choice (Svenja uses a mixture of vanilla flavoring and erythritol)


Svenja's directions:


Mix all of the ingredients (except for the egg whites) in a bowl and stir with a hand mixer to form a dough.
Place the egg whites in separate bowls and beat it with a hand mixer until it's stiff. Then you can
carefully put the egg whites under the dough.


You can also try chocolate flavored whey and add in 5g of cocoa powder. If you choose to go with this option,
I suggest you use a little less flour (about 10g less or so).


Bon appetit!

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