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What should you pay attention to when buying supplements?

There are virtually as many dietary supplements on the market. as colors displayed on a television. When searching for supplements, regardless of price range and packaging, you should make some considerations before you start.

Does the dietary supplement contain the amount needed, to get results?

Amount of Ingredients, is a point on the agenda which can be difficult to asest as a consumer. Dietary supplements must comply with rules laid down in EU, but each Member State may also set its own rules on how much a dietary supplement may contain.

Unfortunately, there are so many new products and ingredients on the market that there are not enough resources to review and determine whether it is safe to use or whether it is legitimate to sell. Once the rules are made, they are rarely reviewed again. For example, the main thumb is that some BCAAs and generally Amino Acid Dietary Supplements are underdosed than what actually has a proven effect from the scientific evidence.

Therefore, be aware that labels are produced in order to comply with the rules per. portion / severing and does not necessarily contain an effective dosage.

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Items 1 to 15 of 269 total

Tips and Tricks for Buying Supplements

  • Check the label for dosage and read articles on effective dosages.
  • As far as possible, try to avoid a product based on Proprietary Blends
  • The packaging does not tell anything about the quality
  • Some supplements contain "trademark" ingredients which ensure quality and origin
  • Manufacturers, Have Different Specialties - Look for products that the manufacturer is known for