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Jan Tana

  1. Jan Tana - Green Away
    Jan Tana - Green Away
    Special Price €9.03 Regular Price €12.90
  2. Jan Tana - "Tanning Puffs" - Smooth & Even Color Application
    Special Price €10.43 Regular Price €14.90
  3. Jan Tana - "Glaze" Body Gloss - For Highlighting Your Physique
    Special Price €13.93 Regular Price €19.90
  4. Jan Tana - Hi Def
    Jan Tana - Hi Def
    Special Price €23.73 Regular Price €33.90

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Jantana is known in the fitness industry, for delivering the original and best competition color there is to find on the market. Only Approved Supplements are starting up as a nordic distributor of JanTana products, for personal or professional usage. Here you can find products for the days up to and for your showing, as well as products to use for skincare and tanning in between shows. Bodybuildings number one tanning products has landed at Only Approved Supplements.
Jenni Ørum


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