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BFR Bands

BFR Bands are the leading company in fabricating the bands used for blood flow restriction (BFR) training. Their creator, Kusha Karvandi, had been a personal trainer for 10 years and gained about a dusin certifications but still thought something was missing. After beginning to study neuroscience, he found out exactly what the missing piece to the puzzle was, and this turned out to be what we know as BFR or occlusion training today. This style of training has the trainee wear straps around the upper limbs to slow blood flow away from the limbs. It does not affect blood flow into the limbs but rather slows venous blood flow away from them. This essentially tricks the brain into thinking that the trainee is lifting heavier loads than they actually are, which can indeed trigger muscle growth and lower the risk of injury at the same time. To date, over 200 scientific studies have been published to prove the efficacy of the BFR Bands. Give them a try yourself and feel the effect of them. Use them as a stand-alone or as a bolt-on to your current workout program.
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