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Protein is responsible for both the building and maintenance of new muscle tissue. This is why it is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to increase their lean muscle mass and physical strength. Dietary protein supplements contain essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for new proteins. They can be used before and after training as well as at any other time of the day where the goal is to keep muscle-protein synthesis running high and to keep the body well fed. If getting sufficient amounts of protein in through the diet is difficult, protein supplements can be an easy and convenient solution to the problem. We offer products containing protein from various high quality sources such as whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, casein and also beef. Additionally, they are all available in different flavour and size options, and we even offer protein supplements that are suitable for lactose intolerant individuals.

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  1. Scitec Nutrition - Pure Form Vegan Protein

    Brand new vegan protein by Scitec Nutrition. More information coming soon.

    • Plant-based protein supplement
    • All-natural
    • Aspartame free

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  2. Scitec Nutrition - Diet Protein - With Green Tea, CLA, Zinc & L-Carnitine

    With green tea extract that promotes weight loss!
    No soy protein!
    L-carnitine, CLA, minerals, vitamin E and fiber!
    Iodine promotes normal production of thyroid hormones and the maintenance of normal skin!
    Suitable for consumers with lactose intolerance!

    • With Green Tea extract
    • L-Carnitine, CLA, minerals, Vitamin E and fiber
    • Suitable for lactose intolerant consumers

    Ships on workdays - order before 11 AM

  3. Scitec Nutrition - "100% Plant Protein" - Plant-Based Protein

    "100% Plant Protein" by Scitec Nutrition is the ideal plant-based protein supplement. Free from dairy, lactose, gluten and GMOs, it offers a whopping 90% protein content per serving and thus makes for the perfect vegan supplement for muscle growth and maintenance.

    • Belgian Pisane Pea Protein Isolate
    • Slow-digesting protein
    • Dairy-, gluten- and lactose-free, non-GMO

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  4. Full Force Nutrition - "Whey Force" - Whey Concentrate & Isolate Blend

    A premium blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, giving you as much as 30 grams of muscle building protein per serving. Additionally, ”WHEY FORCE” from Full Force Nutrition provides you with 18 different amino acids per serving, 9 of which the body cannot synthesize on its’ own and needs supplied through the diet. In short: everything you need in a protein supplement if your goal is to grow maximum amounts of muscle and have the best possible recovery while not compromising taste.

    • Scitec Nutrition - "100% Casein Complex" - Micellar Casein Based Protein Complex

      If you need a slow digesting protein of the highest quality, Scitec Nutrition has the answer for you: ”100% Casein Complex.” The protein is rich in amino acids, has a high content of protein and is very low on fat and carbohydrates, and digests slowly within the body, supplying your body with amino acids to the muscles over a longer time period: the ideal choice between meals and before going to bed.

      • Slow release protein souce
      • Great for nighttime or baking
      • 22g Protein per serving

      Ships on workdays - order before 11 AM

    • Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Isolate - Great Tasting Isolate

      "100% Whey Isolate" by Scitec Nutrition. The purest form of protein powder available on the market in various delicious flavour variants. This one has been fortified with extra L-Glutamine as well as the super fast absorbing whey protein hydrolysate. Each serving packs 21 g of protein, 0,6 g of carbs and 0,1 g of fat. It is also very low in lactose, making it digest very easily. Looking for a easily mixable and digestable, super nutritious and great tasting protein source? Then this product is your answer.

      • Our best reviewed Whey Isolate
      • Mixes easily with water or milk
      • 21g protein per 25g serving

      From: €23.90 To: €89.90

    • Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein Professional 920-2350g

      Do you want your protein powder to be one that gives you a special experience in terms of flavor? Does it have to be something that digests easily and does not bother your stomach either? In that case, ”100% Whey Protein Professional” by American Scitec Nutrition will be your savior. It is very low in lactose and has also been fortified with digestive enzymes, giving you the best possible experience in regards to both taste and nutritional benefits.

      • 22g protein per serving
      • Extra amino acid matrix
      • With plant enzymes

      From: €24.90 To: €89.90

    • Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein - Whey Protein Concentrate

      Protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass, and whey has the highest biological value of all protein sources, meaning that it contains large quantities of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine as well. These things are crucial for the health of cells, lean tissue growth and muscle protein synthesis. Furthermore, whey protein is super fast absorbing, which makes it ideal for post-workout ingestion since that is when the muscles need nutrients the most for proper recovery. Do you want an affordable and great tasting source of protein in your diet? Then Scitec Nutrition’s “100% Whey Protein” is just what you have been searching for.

        From: €24.90 To: €49.90

      • JF Supplements - Whey (Variable Flavor) 900g Whey Concentrate with great taste

        Great tasting, swedish whey protein from JF Supplements. There several great tastes to chose from, and among them the very popular Choco-Banana or Dumle, which will make your taste buds go nuts.
        • Great tasting protein
        • Convenient protein source
        • Ultrafiltered whey protein from sweden

        Ships on workdays - order before 11 AM

      • Scitec Nutrition - "100% Whey Pro +ISO" - Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Blend

        New whey protein professional + Iso, is a great tasting mixture of 65% whey isolate and 35% whey concentrate. pure isolates tend to be thin and not having a rich flavor like concentrates, but never the less, isolates is often what is preferred in diet plans made by serious coaches. Scitec Nutrition gives you the Professional + ISO which is mainly a whey isolate but with the texture & taste of a whey concentrate.

          From: €25.90 To: €52.90

        • Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Iso-FUJI®" - Purest Whey Protein Isolate

          Yamamoto Nutrition's "Iso-FUJI® "is a dietary supplement containing the highest quality whey protein isolate yielding 26g of protein per serving. All the protein sources are controlled, which ensures you the absolute best quality protein available on the market. If the raw materials are not approved by the lab, it won't be found in your product.

            From: €26.90 To: €59.90

          • Muscle Rage - "P-3" Whey Protein Blend (1000-2250g)

            Brand new arrival. More info coming soon.
            • 24g Protein Per Serving
            • Repairs Muscle Damage
            • Mixes Easily - Excellent For Cooking

            From: €26.90 To: €53.90

          • Scitec Nutrition - 100% Milk Complex

            New product: 100% Milk Complex* by Scitec Nutrition. More information coming soon.

            • High-quality milk proteins blend
            • Extra free amino acids and digestive enzymes
            • A source of nitrogen and indispensable amino acids

            From: €26.90 To: €55.50

          • JF Supplements - Casein (Variable Flavor) 900g Extended absorption with Casein

            Casein Protein as a nighttime recovery snack, just before bed. The Caesin from JF Supplements, is great tasting and definitely up there with the bigger brands.
            • Great tasting night-time snack
            • Keeps aminos in the blood, during sleep
            • Possible positive effect on recovery
          • Scitec Nutrition - "Super-7" - Matrix Of 7 Quality Proteins

            "Super-7" by Scitec Nutrition. 7 different high quality proteins mixed into one formula. Your ideal protein blend for muscle building around the clock. Contains all the nine essential amino acids (EAAs), L-Glutamine and digestive enzymes for maximum absorbability. Comes in a tasty "Milk Chocolate" flavour.


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            Protein Powder Protein powder is becoming more and more popular among popular these years, and so many people use it on a daily basis. This is also a very good reason, as there are many benefits to using this type of dietary supplement. It is so that you can get much more out of your workout when consuming extra protein, and this is because the muscles in the body are made up of protein. Many individuals spend an incredible amount of time in the local training center, with many having strength training as their preferred form of training. Therefore, it is about getting the most out of this time spent on your workout, and this can be achieved by regular intake of protein powder. Here in the article you can get answers to questions such as what is protein powder and what protein powder does to the body. That way, hopefully, you can become much clearer about the many benefits of protein powder and what you should pay special attention to before making your first protein shake.

            What is protein powder?

            So you can get much more out of your training by regularly consuming protein powder, which must be the primary reason why many Danes invest in protein powder. But what is protein powder really? Protein powder consists of amino acids and it is called a protein when a large number of amino acids are linked. We as humans need amino acids, and eight types of amino acids are especially important to us, and these we need to have throughout our diet, as the body is not capable of making them. When we ingest protein powder, the peptide bonds in the protein are broken down. A peptide bond is the bond between two amino acids, and when broken down, the body is given a series of amino acids that are now free, which it can work with and actively use. It is when they are put together for some specific proteins that the body can use them for example for strength training. When exercising, the body uses the amino acids to build new muscle tissue.

            What different types of protein powder are there? When talking about protein powder in everyday speech, you usually mean the type of powder that comes from cows, namely whey protein. Almost all whey protein sold on the market today will usually be a residual product from a cheese production, but it is also possible to extract whey protein from milk. Whey is an aqueous mass that, after some micro- and ultrafiltration processes, is dried to powder to eventually add a certain flavor. However, it should be mentioned that there are also a host of other types of protein powders made from everything from quinoa and hemp to rice and soy. In the case of this type of protein powder, the protein is usually first extracted and then refined.

            What is whey protein?

            Whey is arguably the best and most popular type of protein, and it is because whey contains very high levels of important amino acids, and in addition it contains a large amount of cysteine. All of the amino acids that are in whey help the body to recover after training and that is why whey is ideal for a delicious protein shake. One can distinguish between whey isolate and whey concentrate. The advantage of choosing whey isolate is that it has a high protein content as well as a low content of both lactose and fat. It is therefore the obvious choice if you want a very strict diet or if you are lactose intolerant. Furthermore, one can consume much less compared to concentrate and still obtain the same amount of protein, which may be beneficial to many. Whey concentrate has a lower protein content and it should also be noted that it contains more carbohydrates, fat and lactose. In contrast, it is significantly cheaper compared to whey isolate. Thus, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types, which is why it is ultimately up to you to decide what kind of protein you prefer. Find an exciting selection of whey protein isolate here .

            What is casein protein?

            So there are different types of protein powder, and we will now look more closely at casein protein. Milk protein consists of two types of protein, whey and casein, respectively. The special thing about casein is that it settles in the digestive system like smaller chunks or pieces, and this means that it takes a little longer before it can be absorbed.