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Protein Blends

Over a long period of time, protein blends have been used to get the best of both worlds: flavour and quality. It is often seen that there are both fans of whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrates since some prefer and value the flavour more than the actual purity of their protein supplement and vice versa. With a protein blend product, it is possible to reap the benefits of both a whey protein concentrate and an isolate where neither taste nor quality has been compromised, and for a very reasonable price as well. Do you want a dietary protein supplement of the highest quality and the best flavour without having to consume an overabundance of carbohydrates (sugar), fat, lactose and other unnecessary additives? Choose a protein blend supplement from Only Approved Supplements. 


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  1. Scitec Nutrition - "Super-7" - Matrix Of 7 Quality Proteins

    "Super-7" by Scitec Nutrition. 7 different high quality proteins mixed into one formula. Your ideal protein blend for muscle building around the clock. Contains all the nine essential amino acids (EAAs), L-Glutamine and digestive enzymes for maximum absorbability. Comes in a tasty "Milk Chocolate" flavour.


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  2. Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Hiro BLEND®" - Protein Matrix

    "Hiro-BLEND®" contains a blend of a total of five different protein sources, making your body able to stay nourished and anabolic over long periods of time after ingestion. It is a protein blend product of the absolute highest quality both in terms of ingredients and taste.


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