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Waist Trainer

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  1. NB Bootybuilding - V-Shaper - Waist Trainer

    NB √-shaper by Danish bikini athlete and coach Natja Barnova & Only Approved Supplements. A breathable and comfortable waisttrainer to support your core and aid in the development of a small, tight waist line. It can be used daily while working or during training to support a good posture and usage of core muscles.

    • Keep Correct Posture
    • Perfect for Posing Practise

    Ships on workdays - order before 11 AM

  2. New

    NB Bootybuilding - Sweat Wrap "Waist-Trainer / Waist Trimmer"

    Introducing NB Bootybuilding, Sweat Wrap. A Neoprene belt made for wearing during cardio sessions where you want extra blood circulation around the areas that tend to hold stubborn fat. Increased blood circulation will help getting lipids to the bloodstream for being utilized as energy (Fat burning)

    • Increase production of heat
    • Neoprene sweat wrap

    Ships on workdays - order before 11 AM

  3. NB - Bootybuilding Bundle 1

    Attention bootybuilders, here is an offer for you cant resist. Get the BootyBuilder Band, V-shaper Waist trainer & Bootyshaker from Natja Barnova with a good discount added. theese are the perfect tools for building a well trimmed booty, and good posture.
    • NB - Bootybuilding Bundle 3

      The full bootybuilding bundle, consists of all the available tools form Natja Barnova - But at a -30% pricetag. You get everything from the shaker, to the V-Shaper. Fully equipped to chase that body you always dreamed off.

      4 Item(s)