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NB V-Shaper - Waisttrainer

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NB √-shaper by Danish bikini athlete and coach Natja Barnova & Only Approved Supplements. A breathable and comfortable waisttrainer to support your core and aid in the development of a small, tight waist line. It can be used daily while working or during training to support a good posture and usage of core muscles.

  • Helps keeping correct Posture
  • Waisttrainer, Perfect for Posing Practise
  • Can be utilized as lifting Belt
  • Wasttrainer from breathable Materials
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Waist trainers and corsets are aften seen used in fitness when athletes are chasing a small, tight waistline for an aesthetically pleasing physique. For that specific reason, Only Approved Supplements have partnered up with Danish biki fitness athlete and coach Natja Barnova, and created this high quality, super comfortable waist trainer. It is constructed of the highest quality neoprene, making exceptionally breathable and light weight, ultimately being perfect for using in almost every situation. In comparison to other waist trainers on the market, this one will yield an exceptional heat locally around your torso area and you will experience increased sweat production in this specific area.   

The NB waist trainer materials involve: 45% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 11% Rubber and 10% Polyethylene (making it washable). 


The product is offered in sizes x-small, small, medium and large. We have chosen not to have belts produced in larger sizes, since the target group is women and men who are already in shape. The √-Shaper is going to help you keep a good, correct and upright posture during workouts. If you can feel the belt taking over your body stability when lifting weights, you will have to use your core musculature to a larger extent and perhaps even train it more. Please be advised that this product is not intended to help you lift more weight during exercise by acting as a stabilizer, nor is it inteded to cure or treat any medical conditions.


With the disclaimer above being out of the way, it is relevant to mention the fact that there is actually some science to purpose of this product. While direct spot reduction of bodyfat in and of itself is indeed not possible by any means, the process of warming up an area of the body to increase the likelyhood of burning stubborn bodyfat from that specific area can actually be backed up by some research. The renowned bodybuilding and fitness website T-Nation has a featured article explaining the science as well as the practical application of the methods relevant to increase the possibility of burning more bodyfat than you would otherwise from specific areas on the body. For the full article, please visit T-Nation's website


Answers to FAQ: 


Ever since yesterday where we officially announced our release of the new √-Shaper, it has come to our attention that the actual use of this product is often misunderstood and thus consider it our duty to inform about the proper application of it as part of your routine.

Simply for good measures, we are going to address some of the common misunderstandings about a product like the √-Shaper:


1. √-shaper is not a new and revolutionary invention by any means, and should not under any curcumstances be considered as being the direct route to a smaller waist what so ever. Neither should it be considered as something that is intended to replace a proper physical exercise regime or a healthy, balanced diet.

2. √-shaper should not be used as a corset. It is a unisex product (read: both for men and women) intended to be used during physical exercise.

3. √-shaper is not intended to serve its' purpose as being a sweat-inducing belt such as a neoprene belt.

4. √-shaper is in no way shape or form intended nor designed to be a weightlifting belt to assist you in heavy lifts/resistance exercises.

5. √-shaper should be used as part of a training routine and not be worn constantly throughout the day.


So, what is it going to do for me?


1. √-Shaper is intended to be used by both men and women alike who wish to have a product that over time is going to help them work off the last unwanted inches/centimeters (read: the √-Shaper does not replace the involvement of abdominal muscles) - Just as you would hopefully not use a regular weightlifting belt, but rather as a safety precaution and an indicator of when you should engage your core musculature more.


2. √-Shaper is going to potentiate a better physical posture. In conjunction with what is stated above, the activation of your core while wearing it is supposedly going to have the effect that you will over time be better at engaging your core when necessary (while not wearing the √-Shaper). If we were to say it ourselves, the most logical sound reason to use a product such as the √-Shaper is that the majority of people are prone to have bad posture most of the time, especially when working out).


3. If you struggle with poor blood circulation, especially in the abodominal area as well as around the kidneys, you could potentially draw benefit from using the extra warmth provided by the belt to those specific areas. It has been confirmed by scientific research that poor blood circulation in areas holding larger quantities of adipose tissue can lead to the fatty acids not being optimally delivered to the bloodstream for energy purposes.


Undeniably, there are always going to be various good and bad statements to be heard about certain ways of going about training or using specific products, whether it may be dietary supplements or training equipment or methods (i.e. Kaatsu). We welcome you to form and express your own meanings and skeptical evaluations. It is going to give you the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.


v-shaper size guide waist-trainer 

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Part Number (Manufacturer) N/A
Product Information

NB V-Shaper - Waisttrainer

Product Fitting (Short term) Use Size-Guide
Size range XS-L
Washing Guide Wash when absolutely needed at 30Degrees - Do not tumble dry
Material 45% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 11% Rubber, 10% Polyethylene
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