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NB Bootybuilding - Booty Bands

Quick Overview

The Booty Bands by NB Bootybuilding is a set of 4 individual training bands. Constructed from high quality rubber, they are strong, wide and durable, and will not slip or slide off nor leave marks on clothes etc. when you use them. Use them for squats, hip thrusts, kick-backs etc. to maximise the results of your booty workouts.

  • Thick and durable resistance training bands
  • Highest quality - maximum comfort
  • Helps obtain mind-muscle connection to glutes
  • Easy to bring on the go - can be used anywhere

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Booty Bands by NB Bootybuilding

The Booty Bands by NB Bootybuilding are the perfect set of training equipment pieces for you if you're training for a bigger, rounder and more firm booty. They come as a set of 4 high-quality elastic resistance training bands that will help you obtain a better mind to muscle connection with the muscles located in your lower body, e.g. your glutes and hamstrings.

Each band is marked with their specific level of resitance; x-light, light, medium or heavy, and can be used to increase resistance levels in many different exercises. The Booty Bands are to be placed right under the knee caps for the best possible results when using them in your workout. Increase load and resistance in exercises such as squats or hip thrusts etc.

Additionally, the Booty Bands are not your typical elastic bands that slip, pinch your skin or rip easily when you use them. The very high quality of these bands not only make sure they are wide, strong and durable, but also that they are comfortable to wear and don't leave any marks on clothes etc.

Next Level Lower Body Workout With the Booty Bands by NB Bootybuilding

Want to take your lower body training to the next level? Need better mind to muscle connection to your glutes and hamstrings etc.? Try the Booty Bands by NB Bootybuilding on your journey to a firmer, rounder and stronger booty.

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Detailed Information:

Brand: NB Bootybuilding

Hard Accessories


NB Bootybuilding


Suitable for beginners and experienced

Size Range:

X-Light to Heavy


100% Latex

Care Instructions:


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