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Muscle Building

Building muscle, is a year in, year out process that will be going on forever to obtain the physique you want. Products found on this page, can aid in enhancing the results of your hours spend in the gym by helping the body to stay in an anabolic environment.

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  1. Muscle Rage - "Crucial" - Advanced Creatine Formula

    New product just in from Muscle Rage: "Crucial" Advanced Creatine Formula.

    • Improved Strength
    • Enhanced Recovery

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  2. Muscle Rage - Slin-RX - Glucose Disposal

    Slin-Rx by Muscle Rage is a potent insulin mimetic and nutrient partitioning agent. It's the most effective glucose disposal agent (GDA) to hit the market due to the combination of the highest quality ingredients at the most optimum dosages.


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    • Muscle Rage - King Test - Extreme Test Amplifier

      King Test Extreme Test Amplifier by Muscle Rage is a fully disclosed and 100% non-proprietary formula that contains various active ingredients, e.g. vitamin D3 and botanical extracts. Highest quality on the market. Whether you are someone looking to improve your health and fitness or you are someone edging for that IFBB pro card, Muscle Rage's got you covered.


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      • Muscle Rage - "Nattybol" high dosed Laxogenin supplement

        Looking for a powerfull Laxogenin supplement? this is even more powerfull than the well known product "Anogenin" from Blackstone Labs, due to a much higher dosage at a better price tag.

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