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  1. Yamamoto® Nutrition - "TestoROL" - Plant Extracts, D-AA & More

    "TestoROL" by Yamamoto Nutrition is a dietary supplement that is intended to be used by males and contains plant extracts, d-aspartic acid as well as vitamins and minerals. Test boosters are very trendy within the bodybuilding and fitness industry. "TestoROL" might just be worth a shot.


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  2. Scitec Nutrition - "Mega Arginine" - High Dosed Amino Acid Capsules

    "Mega Arginine" by Scitec Nutrition contains high dose capsules with the conditionally essential R amino acid in them. Cover your demands today.


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  3. Granite Supplements - "Keto Factor X" Intra workout - No Carbs (EXP 01/2019)

    Have you reached the point in your dieting phase where the calories are few, the carbohydrates are lowest or even cut out completely? Are you in fact going through that infamous phase in your diet where you literally feel like death? Then Granite Supplements have the answer for you: “Keto Factor X™.” This product is going to make sure that your workouts do not become something that you dread and almost fear, which is pretty normal when in a large calorie deficit. You can expect to be able to train hard, stay focused and feel good in general. A good deal of energy is also to be expected and you are going to feel really sharp overall. Furthermore, to take things a step further, Granite Supplements have also added in amino acids to the product in order to directly stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and even also included a pump formula to ensure that you will still get good muscle pumps even when dieting on low carbohydrates. If you are looking for something to pick you up when you are at the lowest during dieting phases, then “Keto Factor X™” is just what you need.

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  4. Scitec Nutrition - "100% Casein Complex" - Micellar Casein Based Protein Complex

    If you need a slow digesting protein of the highest quality, Scitec Nutrition has the answer for you: ”100% Casein Complex.” The protein is rich in amino acids, has a high content of protein and is very low on fat and carbohydrates, and digests slowly within the body, supplying your body with amino acids to the muscles over a longer time period: the ideal choice between meals and before going to bed.


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  5. Scitec Nutrition - "Vitargo CRX 2.0" - Performance Booster Complex

    "Vitargo CRX 2.0" by Scitec Nutrition. Creatine Monohydrate-Vitargo carbohydrate complex for performance boosting. Perfect for use pre- and post-workout. For everyone looking to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance and recovery.


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  6. Scitec Nutrition - "100% Whey Pro +ISO" - Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Blend

    New whey protein professional + Iso, is a great tasting mixture of 65% whey isolate and 35% whey concentrate. pure isolates tend to be thin and not having a rich flavor like concentrates, but never the less, isolates is often what is preferred in diet plans made by serious coaches. Scitec Nutrition gives you the Professional + ISO which is mainly a whey isolate but with the texture & taste of a whey concentrate.

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  7. Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Egg-N-Oats" - Real Food Meal Replacement

    "Egg-N-OATS" by Yamamoto Nutrition® is the most natural meal replacement product you will find. It contains proteins and carbohydrates strictly coming from egg white and oats. You will thus experience a product that offers long-lasting energy with a complex carbohydrate type and anabolism from one of the most widely used protein sources of all time, egg whites. It does not more get any more high quality and natural.


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  8. Muscle Rage - "X" - Plant-Based EAA & BCAA Formula

    "X" by Muscle Rage is a fully disclosed EAA & BCAA formula jam-packed with a all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to grow. No added sugars or stimulants and 100% plant-based.


  9. Full Force Nutrition - "Full Mass" - Weight Gainer

    Have you decided to gain some serious size? Are you having a hard time taking in enough calories through whole foods? Then ”FULL MASS” by Full Force Nutrition is just what you are looking for. With almost 200 calories per serving, it has never been so easy, convenient and tasteful to take in quality nutrition as now. You will get 2 different sources of protein along with 2 grams of L-Glutamin as well as 2.5 grams of BCAAS per serving, all offered in 3 delicious flavor variants. There are no excuses for not taking in enough calories anymore.


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  10. Scitec Nutrition - "100% Beef Concentrate" - Hydrolyzed Beef Protein

    A complete, hydrolyzed beef peptide protein manufactured without dairy products and strictly from fresh beef raw material, giving you a 100% natural source of protein in your diet with no added hormones. Essentially: a natural, high protein product that is free from lactose, dairy and added sugar – the ideal choice for those who are looking for the best way to maximize their protein intake and support muscle gain as well as repair.


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  11. MPA Supplements - "Pie Fuel™" - Complex Carbohydrate Formula

    MPA Supplements - "Pie Fuel™" - Complex Carbohydrate Formula

    New arrival: MPA Supplements - "Pie Fuel™"

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  12. Granite Supplements - "Intra-Carb" - High Performance Carb Blend

    Granite Supplements' "Intra-Carb" - the ideal high performance carbohydrate blend to help you train longer and harder, improve muscle pumps and support the recovery process. Carbohydrates sources include Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin®) and Palatinose™.


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  13. Muscle Rage - "King Test" T-Booster for optimering af træning

    Probably one of the best dosed Test boosters on the market today. King Test, from Muscle Rage is a powerfull Test-booster that will raise your test levels to a maximum without any unwanted side effects.

  14. Muscle Rage - "Regenerate" PCT supplement for recovery

    Regenerate your HPTA signaling system with theis powerfull PCT supplement from Muscle Rage. Regenerate is a combination of various ingredients all stimulating the HPTA axis for faster recovering of testorsterone balance

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  15. Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Emperor MASS®" - Quality Weight Gainer

    Weight gainer supplements are not usually considered as being high quality products nor particularly healthy at all. "Emperor MASS®" takes the meaning of weight gainers to a whole new level with a high protein content and quality sources of carbohydrats and fats in the forms of both Maltodextrin DE6 and MCT oil.


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