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MPA Supplements

The name stands for Matt Porter Approved, and is supplements that hardly can compare to any other on the market, with the clinically dosed ingredients that are formulated to perfection. 

MPA supplements, for Athletes demanding only the best. 

MPA Supplements, is not a supplement line you will find on many shelves around in ordinary shopps selling supplements, but why? the answer is fairly simple - there isnt enough money in it. One of the main ideaologys of Matt, was to sell supplements that worked, and weren't underdosed in any kind of way, just for making it cheap and like ordinary brands in the world of Supplementation. 

Just take a look on the Nutritional Information, and you will be able to see what we are refering to. 

The Supplements looks highly priced comparing to others?

Yes, they are a tad more expensive, than the common supplements you find on the market, but you get more than what you pay for. Some of the ingredients used are really expensive, and you might find the same products at half the price from other manufacturers, but the chance is that they are most likely dosed with 2-5 times less raw material than the ones you find in MPA supplements. therefore our oppinion is actually that MPAsupps is more than fairly priced. 

Who is Matt Porter?

Mathew Porter, was born and raised in USA, and tragically died from a Heart Attack in a very early age, leaving his Son, Noah & Wife, Rachel behind. However, the supplement company that Matt Founded togethter with Mitch Barham and Rachel, is still living on in his spirit. The ones that followed Matt knows for sure, that this guy was one of the most knowledgable persons in the fitness & bodybuilding industry. 

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Items 1 to 15 of 17 total

Daniel Emil Ussing

Daniel Emil Ussing

Pharmacy Technician & Product Specialist

Jenni Ørum

Jenni Ørum

Service Manager & Personal Trainer