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Lifting Straps

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  1. Scitec Nutrition - "Grip Pad" - Black

    "Grip Pad" by Scitec Nutrition: a comfortable set of pads to help you hold on tight to dumbbells, barbells and more in the gym when training.


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    • Better Bodies - Lifting Straps (Black)

      Lifting Straps in black by Better Bodies: durable cotton canvas lifting straps with an adjustable hand loop and reinforced stitching. Comes in an extended length (60cm) for you to be able to wrap them around the bar multiple times, and secure an even more tight and strong grip. 3,8 in width, and features wrist pad cushions for ultimate comfort and protection during the heavy lifts in the gym.

      • Durable cotton canvas lifting straps
      • Adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching
      • Extended length (60 cm)

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    • Scitec Nutrition - "Lifting Straps" - 2 Pieces (Black/Blue)

      Scitec Nutrition "Lifting Straps" in high grade cotton with added padding for maximum comfort. Use for gripping support during your pulling movements in your workouts.


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      • NB Bootybuilding - Lifting Straps - Made For Women

        NB Bootybuilding - Lifting Straps are lifting straps made specifically for women. A lot of women might have a hard time using conventional lifting straps as these often are too big to fit around the usually smaller-sized female wrists. With the help of the Lifting Straps by NB Bootybuilding, this is going to be an issue of the past. Made from 100% durable cotton canvas, these feature neoprene padding that is 2/3 the length of what you would find on any conventional straps on the market. These are sure to help any girl lift heavier, more comfortably, and help you on your way to better results.

        • Lifting straps designed for women
        • Easy to tighten with small wrists
        • 2/3 of regular padding length

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      • Iron Rebel - Lifting Straps, Red (Pair) "padded"

        Do you need some support for your grip on the heavy lifts? Are you tired of straps that rub off the skin on your wrists and the inside of your hands because they have no padding? Then Iron Rebel’s ”Lifting Straps” is just what you are looking for.


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        • Better Bodies - Leather Lifting Straps (Foggy)

          The Leather Lifting Straps (Foggy) by Better Bodies are designed with no compromises! Made of thick and durable 100% buffalo leather, these will help strengthen your grip and allow you to lift heavier weight and thus build more muscle. They feature an adjustable length as well as an embossed Better Bodies logo at the bottom.

          • Designed with no compromises!
          • Strengthens the grip - allows you to lift heavier!
          • Thick and durable buffalo leather

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        • NB Bootybuilding, Ankle Straps (Pair) - For Cable Exercises

          NB Bootybuilding - Ankle Straps. P0added ankle straps for maximum comfort and durability. Perfect for cable exercises to build the glute muscles. Simple, cool and matchable design in pink, white and black colors.

          • Heavy Duty Ankle straps, with a feminine, simple touch.
          • Highly adhesive Velcro locking, for heavy lifts
          • Extra Length on locking mechanism, for fit outside clothing

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        • Iron Rebel - "Iron Rebel Grips" - Grip Assistance

          The "Iron Rebel Grips" by Iron Rebel. High quality PVC Leather lifting straps that are guaranteed to eliminate all grip issues when working out. Eliminate all bicep engagement when deadlifting or doing heavy rows etc. with a fast, easy-to-secure and strong grip.

          • Made of PVC Leather
          • Tight and secure grip

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        8 Item(s)