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  • Life Extension - Taurine from Life Extension Unflavored At Life Extension - Taurine from Life Extension Unflavored At
  • Life Extension - Taurine from Life Extension Unflavored At Life Extension - Taurine from Life Extension Unflavored At

Life Extension - Taurine

Quick Overview

Taurine is a amino acid that occurs naturally. It is found in high concentrations within white blood cells, skeletal muscle, the central nervous system and also within the human heart. Taurine is also found in foods such as fish and other meats. As amino acid, it is essential for cardiovascular function and the development as well as function of skeletal muscles and vision. It also acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from toxicity of different substances. Supplementation with taurine has also shown to help protect the cells from exercise-induced oxidative stress.

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    What are the benefits of taurine? It is one of the most abundant amino acids within the human body and is thus recognized as being one of the absolute most essential substances in the human body. Taurine is also considered to be helpful in regulating the central nervous system and has also been shown to have cardiovascular and neuroprotective properties as well. 

    A lot of clinical studies have been conducted on taurine over the years and all of them have shown that it has widespread benefits. In humans, it is found in the large intestine but as we age, our natural production of taurine markedly declines. For that reason, supplementation with taurine has been shown to support vital things for our health such as improved insulin sensitivity and utilization of glucose as well as minerals including calcium, which is important for maintaining normal bone health. Other very important bodily functions such as the stability of cell membranes and balance of water (scientifically known as “osmoregulation”), the formation of bile salt, proper functioning of the liver, eyes and heart as well as cognitive function and neuron integrity are all things that taurine has been shown to support as well.

    Additional Information

    Product Information

    Directions for use:


    Take one (1) capsule one to three times a day on an empty stomach.


    Allergen info:






    Keep out of the reach of children and pets. This product should not serve as a substitute for food, but should be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Dietary supplements are intended for healthy people over the age of 18. Always consult your general practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from any sort of disease and/or use one or more medicaments. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.




    1 capsule – 1 serving.

    90 capsules - 1 container (90 servings).




    Taurine, vegetable cellulose (capsule), silica, vegetable stearate.


    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule

    Amount Per Serving


    1000 mg

    Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), silica, vegetable stearate.


    Container Size (Grams/ml/caps)90 Kapseln
    Servings Per Container90
    Serving Size (Gram/ml/caps)1 Kapsel
    Part Number (Manufacturer)N/A
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