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Lean Muscle Mass

When athletes and bodybuilders engage in the training process, their focus is always to gain muscle mass that is effective and efficient. In this article we shall discuss about lean body mass and lean muscle mass and their importance with reference to physical well being and efficiency.

The lean body mass is described as an index superior to the total body weight. The Lean body mass is calculated in order to prescribe medication and supplements if any metabolic disorder is identified. In simpler words the lean body mass is calculated by subtracting total body fat from the total body weight.

Lean Body Mass = Body Weight − Body Fat

Often the sports persons want to gain weight and keep themselves lean in the process of training and development. The balance between gaining muscle weight and keeping the body lean is ensured by cutting the fat mass in the body.

Tips to gain lean muscle mass

Increase the training frequency

If you are looking for an effective balance of body weight and gain lean muscle mass its important to increase the frequency of training frequency. Going to the Gym twice may not be sufficient. You may want to increase it to 4 to 5 times a week and follow that regimen regularly. There are some aspects of recover may be associated with frequent visit to the training facility, however shorter training periods may mitigate that. More frequent visits to the gym also helps in increased stimulus to the muscles for beefing up the muscles.

Lay focus on bigger Lifts

Including compound movements in the training program helps in adding more muscle activities to the regimen. This also helps in balancing the coordination among the muscle groups aiding them put on weight synchronously. Some of the compound movements are pull-ups, overhead presses, squats and dead-lifts. Along with these movements, one can also add more weight in order to make the process of lean muscle mass addition faster.

Targeted Isolation movements

Along with compound movements and addition of more weight, there should always be some room for targeted isolation movements. Targeted isolation movements such as calf raises or bicep curls help in adding muscle mass to the specific muscles and also initiate the lagging body parts.

Prioritizing recovery Process

While increasing the training regimen frequency and adding more weight, it is also important for the athlete as well as the coach to focus on the recovery process. Inside and outside the training facility, it is very important to focus on nutrition and proper rest to facilitate growth and repair process. The nutrition should be properly planned and pre-work out, intra-workout and post-workout supplements should be administered. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a must for individuals engaging in rigorous training programs.

lean muscle mass


Setting a goal and achieving it is a systematic process. It needs will power, the right mindset, dedication and integrity towards achieving it. Setting the right goals, understanding self and continuously working towards it is the recipe for a chiseled body with lean muscles.