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Knee Wraps


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  1. Iron Rebel Outlaw Knee Wraps - For powerlifting - Various Lengths

    Knee Wraps from Iron Rebel in a strong and durable material to provide you with maximum support and rebound for heavy squats. These knee wraps have been made for experienced athletes and are not for beginners, who should look to regular neoprene knee wraps instead.


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  2. Iron Rebel - "Rhino" Knee Wraps - Various lengths

    If you are looking for a pair of knee wraps that are literally worthy of countless World records, the ”Rhino” model by Iron Rebel is just what you are looking for. These are constructed from a soft elastic material that makes them super easy and convenient to self-wrap, and also offer the maximum amount of stretch. Additionally, they also ensure that you will experience a consistent level of tension and stability throughout the entire wrap.


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2 Item(s)