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Jan Tana

Jantana is known in the fitness industry, for delivering the original and best competition color there is to find on the market. Only Approved Supplements are starting up as a nordic distributor of JanTana products, for personal or professional usage. Here you can find products for the days up to and for your showing, as well as products to use for skincare and tanning in between shows. Bodybuildings number one tanning products has landed at Only Approved Supplements.

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  1. Jan Tana - "Green Away" - Remove Green Tint From Your Tan

    Green tints are a nightmare when it comes to obtaining the perfect tan on the day of your physique competition. Jan Tana's "Green Away" will be your saviour when it comes to color correcting by removing those awful green tints on your body.


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    • Jan Tana - "Skin Prep" Exfoliant - Prepare For Tanning

      Jan Tana's "Skin Prep" exfoliant is the most important step to obtaining "the winning hi-definition color" when preparing for a physique contest. A great physique deserves the best possible tan for an outstanding shine on stage.


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      • Jan Tana - "Tanning Puffs" - Smooth & Even Color Application

        No more having to use your hands or paint rollers to apply tanning color when participating in physique competitions. No one wants to have an uneven tan ruin how all of their hard work looks on stage. Jan Tana's "Tanning Puffs" (set of 3) make sure your color application process is not only clean and hygienic but also super smooth and even for the best possible tanning result. They are washable and thus reusable.


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        • Jan Tana - "Glaze" Body Gloss - For Highlighting Your Physique

          Champion physiques always stand out with the silhouettes of them alone. Use Jan Tana's "Glaze" Body Gloss to give yourself the winning edge by really highlighting the contours of your physique on stage on competition day.


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          • Jan Tana - "Fast Tan" (Sunless) - Beautiful Bronze Tan In Minutes

            Jan Tana's "Fast Tan" is a sunless lotion that creates a fast golden tan in a matter of just minutes - looks like a tan from the sun. Quick and easy to apply with an effect that prolongs an existing tan. Non-comedogenic.


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            • Jan Tana - "Makeup / Tattoo Cover" - 2-in-1 Cover-Up

              Tattoos, scars, stretch marks and other blemishes are not good for a competitive physique and they do not award you points on stage. Make sure you have a nice and clean visual appearance on stage with Jan Tana's "Makeup / Tattoo Cover" product. Apply backstage after tanning and watch the magic happen.


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              • Jan Tana - "Hi-Def" & "Skin Prep" - Contest Day Preparation

                The ultimate contest day preparation kit by Jan Tana. It consists of both their "Hi Def" Color and "Skin Prep" Exfoliant. Prepare your skin to optimally absorb tanning color using the "Skin Prep" and give yourself a good base tan before the actual colouring process with "Hi-Def". If you want to make sure that you outshine your competition, here is your answer.


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                • Jan Tana - Ultra 1 Competition Color + Skin Prep (Day of contest)

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                  • Jan Tana - "Complete Color Collection" - Full Preparation Kit

                    The ultimate kit for preparation when wanting the absolute best possible tanning result. Physique athletes know how important the right color is and that is exactly why Jan Tana chose to put together this complete pre-contest preparation kit consisting of a total of 5 top shelf-quality products to give you that winner's color.


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