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Jan Tana - "Complete Color Collection" - Full Preparation Kit

Quick Overview

The ultimate kit for preparation when wanting the absolute best possible tanning result. Physique athletes know how important the right color is and that is exactly why Jan Tana chose to put together this complete pre-contest preparation kit consisting of a total of 5 top shelf-quality products to give you that winner's color.

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    Jan Tana - "Complete Color Collection" - The Winner's Preparation Kit

    The ultimate "Complete Color Collection" preparation solution

    The winning physique is always the one that went the distance. Do it again and choose the full package of Jan Tana tanning products.

    Jan Tana's "Complete Color Collection" simply offers everything you need to win a competition: "Green Away" Body Mist, "Hi-Def" Color, "Ultra 1" Color, "Skin Prep" Exfoliant and "Glaze" Body Gloss. It does not get more complete and comprehensive than that. Many champions have used this very combination of products before to win their respective titles: 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, 7-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, 8-time Mrs. Fitness Olympia winner Adela Garcia, 4-time Mrs. Figure Olympia winner Nicole Wilkins and 2-time Mrs. Figure Olympia Erin Stern. Everyone knows that preparation is key, but it is not simply the dieting and training that matters. The tanning process is indeed very important as well.

    The "Green Away" Body Mist is the insurance product that you have been waiting and looking for. With this, you will never have to worry about having green spots on your body ruin your tan when you are on stage ever again. To get rid of green spots on your body, simply spray on "Green Away", puff and wipe away the discoloration. It is that simple yet that effective.
     "Hi-Def" will give you the darkest and most beautiful chestnut color for maximum enhancement of your physical appearance on stage. It is quick and easy to apply using our guide (see "Additional information"). It will give you a color so dark and deep that you will not have to pre-tan in a tanning bed before using the product.
    "Ultra 1" will make sure even the most pale and white skin gets a deep, dark chestnut color. If you are more dark skinned, you will still experience a rich mahagony color that will indeed benefit you in terms of visual appearance on stage. Whether you are light, medium or dark skin, this is simply the best and most awarding winning coloring product out there. Simply apply 1-2 applications on the day of the physique contest to get that "winning color". 
    "Skin Prep" is the ideal product to use when preparing for the actual coloring process. It is an exfoliant that prepares the skin for the actual coloring and tanning process, ultimately serving its' purpose as the ideal preparation product for you to use when wanting nothing but the perfect tan as an end result on competition day. It makes sure your skin can actually the color and thus makes sure that the tan is as smooth and even as possible. 
    "Glaze" Body Gloss is the product that will highlight your physique for maximum definition on stage. It is a light and non-greasy spray that will give that nish finishing touch to the product that is your physique on competition day. It contains essential oils that will reflect the stage lights and really enhance how your physique appears visually. Whether you compete in Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Physique or Bodybuilding, this is the perfect final touch to lay on yourself. You apply "Glaze" after pumping up backstage.

    Jan Tana offer this complete bundle to the ones who wish for one thing and one thing only: the winner's products. This is the ultimate all-in-one kit that will make sure you have done everything in your power to obtain the best possible color. Preparation has never been this complete and comprehensive before.

    To view our full line of Jan Tana products, click here. If you wish to visit the manufacturer's website, click here.


    Jan Tana

    Detailed Information:


    One Week Before the Contest 

     Bathe with Jan Tana's "Skin Prep" daily to exfoliate and prepare your skin for the upcoming spraytan treatment. 


    The Night Before the Contest 

    Bath with Jan Tana's "Skin Prep", pat it dry lightly and carefully, and spray on Jan Tana's "Green Away". 



    Apply the "Green Away" in your arm pits to keep you fresh since you CANNOT use deodorant during this process.


    Let the "Green Away" dry. Do not try to dry it using a hairdryer etc. Generously spray ONE application of "Hi-Def Color" to obtain a base tan.





    The Morning Of the Competition 

    Spray on one application of Jan Tana's "Ultra 1" color.




    To cover tattoos and imperfections etc., apply Jan Tana's "Tattoo Cover". Then blend "Hi-Def" or "Ultra 1" color around the covered area.


    Apply Jan Tana's "Glaze" to highlight your physique. (DO NOT apply "Glaze" over "Tattoo Cover".)

    Spray "Glaze" in your palm. Rub your palms together to warm up the product, then smooth it over body by following the contour of each muscle. Dispense "Glaze" once again for each body part the same way. 


    *Bodybuilders and Women's Physique athletes can apply glaze generously

    *Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Men's Physique and Models should apply glaze sparingly.


    Do not apply too much "Glaze"; it will not absorb into the skin like oils.


    Order the matching "Hi-Def Makeup" and "Tattoo Cover" cream!



    DO NOT apply any other tanning products before or after applying Jan Tana products. Getting a tan using a tanning bed before using the products is not necessary.

    DO NOT use oils, cooking sprays or any other products over your Jan Tana products. They may contain petroleum and will make your color run! 

    DO NOT apply deodorant before or after applying Jan Tana products. Deodorant will raise the skin's pH-value and turn your arm pits green.

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