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  • Iron Rebel - "Rhino" Knee Wraps - Various lengths from Iron Rebel At Iron Rebel - "Rhino" Knee Wraps - Various lengths from Iron Rebel At

Iron Rebel - Rhino Knee Wraps - Various lengths

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If you are looking for a pair of knee wraps that are literally worthy of countless World records, the ”Rhino” model by Iron Rebel is just what you are looking for. These are constructed from a soft elastic material that makes them super easy and convenient to self-wrap, and also offer the maximum amount of stretch. Additionally, they also ensure that you will experience a consistent level of tension and stability throughout the entire wrap.

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    Iron Rebel are well-known for their super high level of quality when it comes to their power gear. It has literally served multiple professional powerlifters in their World record-breaking lifts in competitions, and now the line of gear has gotten a new family member that is the ”Rhino” knee wrap.


    The ”Rhino” knee wraps is the perfect choice for raw powerlifters who are transitioning into equipped lifting, but should not be underestimated by anyone due to the fact that they literally have been part of World record lifts in competitions. They are constructed from a very elastic and super soft material, which makes them a lot easier to wrap yourself than your standard knee wraps. Furthermore, they offer maximum stretch and also provide consistent tension as well as stability throughout the entirety of the wraps.


    Iron Rebel’s “Rhino” knee wrap is the ideal choice for nearly anyone’s preferred squatting stance and speed, since they offer a well-balanced level of stopping power, stability and rebound as well. Also, they will ensure that you experience minimal amounts of pinching and binding behind your knees, making them the perfect all-around knee wraps.


    Care: Hand wash with mild detergent only.


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    Size Range2,5 meter
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