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Glucose Disposal Agent

Glucose disposal agents help in appropriate management of blood glucose level in the body. While engaging in body building and trying to put on muscle mass, a major portion of energy that comes from Carbohydrates can be mismanaged and complicate the process. In such scenario, the GDAs help in processing the carbohydrates in your body optimally. Glucose disposal agents help the body to use the glucose to be used for energy and prevent them from being stored and later on from converting them into fat by Glucogenesis. Hence, in short, Glucose disposal agents help in staying lean while eating more carbohydrates or taking carbohydrate supplements.

Effect of Carbohydrates on the body

Before getting in to the details of how glucose disposal agents work, let’s discuss briefly about the carbohydrates and their utility. Though carbohydrates are the major energy supplier to our body, they are non essential macro-nutrients. One can survive without any carbohydrate intake for several days. In absence of carbohydrate intake, the body uses the other sources of energy available in the body. However, in spite of being non-essential the body has a preference for breaking down carbohydrates for energy when there is a demand for energy in the body. The carbohydrates are broken down into Glucose molecules which is a simple sugar and released to the bloodstream and taken to the destination where energy is required. The Glycemic index determines the speed of conversion of carbohydrates in to Glucose. When the higher blood glucose level is identified, a signal is sent to the pancreas which releases insulin to control the blood glucose level. The excess of sugar is converted in to Glycogen and stored in the muscles as an energy reserve for the future. However when there is more and more glycogen formed, at some point of time the glycogen is converted in to fat.

Excess Carbohydrates and insulin resistance.

When excess of carbohydrate is consumed, regularly insulin is released into the bloodstream to maintain the control process. However, upon insulin release, the body does not burn fat anymore, rather goes in to fat storing mode. There is also another issue, with progress of time the body builds up insulin resistance. Hence overtime the body needs increasing amounts of insulin to facilitate glucose metabolism. This in turn makes the process of losing body weight difficult. This also increases of risk of diabetes.

How do Glucose Disposal agents help ?

Glucose disposal agents help bodybuilder and individuals trying to lose weight in a number of ways. Glucose disposal agents help in directing the glucose to the muscles to be stored as muscle glycogen. They also improve insulin sensitivity. This ensures the muscle growth rather than fat formation. In simpler words the GDAs help in better carbohydrate management, make available adequate amount of energy, help in at loss and eventually make the whole process efficient and effective.


Common Glucose disposal agents

Alpha Lipoic Acid : ALA is found in the mitochondria of the cells. They are fatty acids and work as a cofactor in energy production. They interact with GLUT-4 ( one of the primary glucose transporters of the body) and help in lowering blood sugar and improve the muscle glycogen storage.


Cyanadine-3-Glucoside ( C3G)


C3G is usually found in dark colored fruits. They help in GLUT-4 expression translation. In turn this helps in enhanced glucose transport. And increased uptake by muscles. They also help in PPARy activity which helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity. This helps in proper assimilation of glucose and avoids unwanted spike in blood glucose level.




Berberine is an alkaloid naturally found in many plants. This helps in stimulating Adenosine Monophosphate activated Protein Kinase ( AMPK) . Simultaneously it also inhibits Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B ( PTP1B) Increased AMPK activity supports better insulin sensitivity and helps in glucose uptake in muscle cells.


Banaba leaf


The leaves of the Banaba plant contain Corosolic acid. This compound mimics the action of insulin independent of insulin release by the Pancreas in the body. This helps in driving glucose and other essential nutrients such as EAAs in to the muscles and facilitating muscle growth.


Though GDAs help in better carbohydrate management in the body and help in fat loss, they should not be considered as a magic supplements. No supplement can replace good nutrition and sincere effort to exercise. GDAs should be used in conjunction to an efficient diet plan and under expert supervision to get the best result from the whole process.