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Essential Amino Acids, EAA - What is it?

Dietary supplements and especially amino acids, is a product that is used by many fitness enthusiasts during workout or in-between meals. Essential Amino Acids, is actually an expression of a number of amino acids that the body itself cant produce and recycle for eg. muscle growth.

There are components in the products that affect the chances of increased muscle growth in higher rates than others, including L-Leucine. L-Leucine in dietary supplements kicks off a number of mechanisms that ultimately would lead to muslce protein synthesis(MPS.) If conditions are met and everything goes well, then your muscle cells will be broken down and then built "bigger" or "multiplied."

EAA Amino acids for muscle building.

EAA has an advantage against its competitor BCAA. EAA contains the full profile of amino acid needed to build muscle tissue, where the BCAA contains only parts of the needed to ignite the process. The incentive will therefore be, that EAA is more effective than BCAA versus providing or building muscle tissue. That said, Essential Amino Acids have some disadvantages over BCAA.

  • BCAA typically tastes better than EAA
  • Certain amino acids in the EAA are difficult to mask the taste
  • BCAA is available in several flavors due to the above

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The on-going BCAA vs. EAA debate has gotten heated up. What is the difference? Which is better and what should you take? We give our answers as to which of the two is better and why, when looking at it from a muscle building perspective.

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  1. Scitec Nutrition - "Essential Amino Matrix" - EAAs

    "Essential Amino Acid Complex" by Scitec Nutrition. All the 9 essential amino acids in free-form. Build, maintain and protect muscle tissue. For use pre-, intra- and post-workout. Incredible value for money.


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    • Scitec Nutrition - EAA + Glutamine

      EAA + Glutamine by Scitec Nutrition is a completely sugar free and 100% vegan friendly formula that provides essential amino acids (EAA) including branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). Each serving yields 4250 mg of essential amino acids plus an additional 2000 mg of L-Glutamine, and comes in four delicious and refreshing fruity flavours.

      • Provides Essential Amino Acids
      • 4259 mg EAAs (including BCAAs)
      • 2000 mg L-Glutamine

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    • Yamamoto Nutrition - Essential Amino Tablets (EAA's) 240 tablets

      Essential amino tablets (EAA) from Yamamoto Nutrition - All 9 Essential aminos brought together in a convenient tablet form.
      • Essential Amino Acid Supplement
      • Contributes to meeting protein requirements
      • 240 caplets

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    • Muscle Rage - "X" - Plant-Based EAA & BCAA Formula

      "X" by Muscle Rage is a fully disclosed EAA & BCAA formula jam-packed with a all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to grow. No added sugars or stimulants and 100% plant-based.

      • Plant-based
      • Zero sugar
      • BCAA & EAA

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    • Peak - EAA TST

      EAA TST by Peak contains all nine essential amino acids including BCAA and is free from calories, sugar, fat, lactose, aspartame, gelatine, and gluten. The product offers full label transparency and lightning-fast amino acid absorption rate, and also contains a vitamin-B complex. Available in 5 different flavours.

      • 9.5 grams of EAA per serving
      • With vitamin-B complex
      • Zero calories and zero sugar
    • Scitec Nutrition - "Amino Charge" - EAA Intra-Workout Complex

      "Amino Charge" EAA intra-workout complex by Scitec Nutrition. Concentrate and perform better when training. 15.7 g total aminos and 100 mg of caffeine per serving Sugar free formula with added L-Glutamine. Contains all 9 EAAs and BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio.

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      • MPA Supplements - PharmGrade™ EAA - Pharmaceutical Grade EAAs

        MPA Supplements' "PharmGrade™ EAA" is the ultimate anabolic amino pulsing and intra-workout formula that has been formulated for maximum effectiveness. This one is a more budget-friendly version of the original "PharmGrade™" (now "PharmGrade™ Platinum-PA") since it does not contain the Mediator® (Phosphatidic acid). The same great quality but in a brand new flavour system to give you the best product experience possible.

        • Contains 5 electrolytes to support rapid hydration
        • Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus & Manganese
        • AjiPure™ amino acids

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      • MPA Supplements - Pharmgrade Platinum PA - Amino Pulsing & Intra Workout (EAA)

        If you think you have already seen amino acid products of the highest quality, think again. MPA Supplements’ ”Pharm Grade” is the Mercedes Benz of amino acids. The American bodybuilder and coach Matthew Porter has waved the magic wand once again and created a product that no other brands in the industry have matched up until this point. Not only containing all of the nine essential amino acids in the highest quality available, ”Pharm Grade” also has another brand new active ingredient, which in short functions as a pathway opener for your muscle growth.


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