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  1. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - "Gasex" - Get rid of stomach gas

    If you have issues including gaseousness, indigestion or abdominal distention, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s ”Gasex” might just be what you are looking for. It contains two natural minerals that have been very well recognized for their digestive properties in ayurvedic medicine. They both have antiflatulent effects and can help alleviate bloating, relieve an upset stomach and also heartburn.


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    • Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - "Triphala" - Bowel Wellness

      Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s ”Triphala” is a 100% natural herbal dietary supplement and is one of the most used herbs in Hindu Ayurveda medicine. It provides you with a comprehensive support of your digestive system, has a gentle detoxifying effect and also acts as a mild laxative, and effectively cleanses the colon. “Triphala” means “3 fruits” and thus it contains equal proportions of the fruits called Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis), Heritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) and Vibhitaki (Bellirica Myrobalan).


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      • Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Alpha LIPOIC ACID"

        new arrival
        • 200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid
        • 100 capsules of ALA

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      • Yamamoto Nutrition® - "BlackGUARDIAN®"

        Antioxidants. 60 Serving of general bowel health
        • Helps Detoxing from free radicals
        • Contributes to maintenance of healthy organs
        • 60 Servings in one container

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      • Life Extension - Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes

        Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes is a digestive enzymes supplement which improves your digestive health by improving your body's ability to absorb nutrients and thereby reduce or remove any digestive problems. In periods of time with consumption of large amounts of food the body's own enzyme production may not be able to keep up and a natural reaction to this is poor digestion and feeling bloated.

        • Supports the digestion of fat, carbohydrates & protein
        • Promotes digestive comfort
        • Incredible value for money

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      • Yamamoto Nutrition® - "Insulomin-R®"

        new yamamoto product
        • Contains plant extracts, chromium and R-alpha-lipoic acid
        • Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
        • 30 servings

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        Peak - Daily Fiber - Potent Digestive Function Aid

        Daily Fiber by Peak contains both soluble an insoluble dietary fibres in the optimal ratio to help optimise digestion, ensure a balanced intestinal flora and much more. Make sure you have one of the most basic health aspects covered with this convenient and straightforward product. Daily Fiber comes in a delicious Apple flavour.

        • 7g of essential dietary fibres
        • Perfect ratio of soluble and insoluble fibres
        • Delicious apple flavour

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      • Life Extension - "Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics" - GI Health

        Life Extension created "Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics" for you to experience the promotion of optimal digestion as well as gastro-intestinal balance and health. Five different digestive enzymes and a probiotic for optimisation of gut health and comfort.

        • Combination of both Pro Biotics & Digestive Enzymes
        • Helps balancing bacterial flora
        • 60 Servings per bottle

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      • Life Extension - Floorassist Balance - Probiotic Blend

        Floor Assistbalance improves the overall health in the intestinal system. Life Extension's balanced version has an improved formula with 15 billion strains of healthy bacteria which maintains the balance of the intestinal system. This is essential to a healthy stomach and intestines and thus a stronger immune defense.


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        • Scitec Nutrition - "L-Glutamine" - 100% Pure L-Glutamine Amino Acid

          Do you want to help your body grow new muscle tissue by supplying it with a semi-essential amino acid? Do you wish to speed up your recovery as much as possible? Then choose Scitec Nutrition’s ”L-Glutamine”; a 100% pure L-Glutamine product, serving its’ purpose as an important building block for new proteins in the body. It is a very popular and widespread product among various types of athletes with demanding training regimes.


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          • Quicksilver - Dr. Shades BitterX - Liposomal Supplement for digestion

            BitterX is a Liposomal supplement, which is made to be used when you are consuming the largest meals of the day. Everyone has tried having problems with digestion - more some servere than other. BitterX is taken 1-3 times daily, and preferably with the larger meals to promote easy and beter digestion.

            • Herbal blend that complements any meal
            • Promotes healthy digestion

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