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Dietary Supplements

What are dietary supplements ?

Food intake that include a range of finished food products or ingredient that assist in better health or help in achieving better health are categorized as dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are not of medicinal value and they do not replace normal intake of food or a balanced diet. However, consumption of dietary supplements enhance health and also help in achieving certain goals such as enhanced performance levels.

Dietary supplements can include all of the following , singularly any of them or a mix of more than one of them.

  • Protein supplements and amino acids
  • Concentrate,extracts , constituent or metabolites
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Herbal or botanical products

Upon regular and controlled consumption as the body needs the above mentioned supplements or nutritional ingredients help the body in a great way to achieve and maintain health and help in better performance.

Benefits of taking dietary supplements

Human body receives nutritional ingredients from various sources such as animal food sources, plants along with prepared ingredients from the environment to meet the demands from the body. However, at times all the requirements of major nutrients and micro nutrients are not fulfilled by the regular diet intake. In such situation to maintain the health and adequate function of the body, intake of dietary supplements is required. following are some of the benefits of dietary supplements.

  • Dietary supplements meet general deficiency of the body. Its a well known fact that adults and children in general, face micro nutrients Depending on the kind of daily dietary habit, one may lack certain ingredients in food, In such situation dietary supplements help in fulfilling the deficiency.
  • For certain kinds of professions or occupations, where rigorous physical activities are required , body requires higher amount of and special form of nutrients which can be readily assimilated in to the body and helps in achieving certain gals, such as putting up muscle mass.
  • Dietary supplements are specially designed and tested, hence they bring in quick results and under professional supervisions the outcome can be regulated
  • When there are special requirements, special formulations can be made available for people who need it.

Risks of taking dietary supplements

As dietary supplements do not come under medicinal drugs or products, they are not as stringently regulated as them. hence these products are available over the counter or can be bought and consumed. If not taken under professional supervision, excessive in take of any kind of dietary supplement can actually pose threat to human body than the benefits it can bring to the consumer.

What one should keep in mind when taking dietary supplements ?

When taking dietary supplements, one should always keep certain things in mind. When deciding what kind of supplements, one should always support that decision with proper facts.

  • One should no take supplements in place of, or in combination with, prescribed medications without the qualified person's examination and prescription.
  • A qualified healthcare professional who is competent should be consulted in order to make sure, that the supplements do not have any adverse effect on any surgical or intervention is planned
  • The term natural or organic supplement do not necessarily mean safe when supplements are leveled as such. .
  • Before taking a dietary supplement, one should ask the following questions to self
    • Are there significant health benefits of any dietary supplement product you plan to take ?
    • What could be the potential benefits ?
    • Could the intake pose any risks?
    • What is the appropriate dose to take?
    • what should be the frequency and timeline of administration ?
olive oil as dietary supplement


Though there could be various other aspects of dietary supplements intake. , this article is a basic step towards creating awareness and making sure people desirous of taking dietary supplements are aware of what they intend to do. As the conscious effort is made to take advice of qualified and competent , a much better path towards use of dietary supplements and a risk free space for athletes and sports persons could be created.