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Build Your Booty

Danish DBFF Bikini Fitness champion and coach Natja Barnova had been training for eight years when she finally got tired of using various rubber bands for workouts that targeted her legs and glutes. These bands did her training no good as they slipped, broke and gnawed everywhere when using them. That was exactly why she went on to create her signature series "Bootybuilder" by her brand Build Your Booty. Being a Bikini Fitness athlete, the importance of keeping a tight waist was no unfamiliar territory to her either, hence why she also created the "V-Shaper" Waist Trainer belt. Build Your Booty offers all the gym equipment necessary for you to use when training for an aesthetic look with a big, round and strong booty, and a small, tight waistline. All products offer maximum comfort and efficacy, and the "Bootybuilder" guarantees maximal stimulation of the glutes as it will ensure you have contact to the muscles at all times when wearing it during your booty workouts.

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  1. Build Your Booty - NB "BootyShaker" Shaker Bottle

    In case of booty in absence, shake this bottle by Natja Barnova's "Build Your Booty" and consume your preferred drink from it. This bottle can be used by anyone who thinks they are lacking in booty or simply if you think your current booty could be more toned or even bigger. It can hold up to 700 ml of booty-building beverages, and you can see more of those under our "Muslce Building" category at Only Approved Supplements.


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  2. Build Your Booty - "NB" Ankle Straps (Pair) - For Cable Exercises

    "NB" Ankle Straps by Natja Barnova's Build Your Booty. Padded ankle straps for maximum comfort and durability. Perfect for cable exercises to build the glute muscles. Simple, cool and matchable design in pink, white and black colors.


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  3. NB - Bootybuilder - For Leg & Booty Training

    Are you tired of rubber bands that slip off, gnaw and pinch you skin every time you use them? So was Danish bikini fitness champion and online trainer Natja Barnova, and that is exactly why she made the ”Bootybuilder.” It is a simple, convenient and also very comfortable way to effectively train your glutes without depending on machines or weights of any kind. Working hard at building a booty has never been easier, and it can be used anywhere at anytime. Kick your own booty to new, high levels now.


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  4. NB - V-Shaper - Waist Trainer

    NB √-shaper by Danish bikini athlete and coach Natja Barnova & Only Approved Supplements. A breathable and comfortable waisttrainer to support your core and aid in the development of a small, tight waist line. It can be used daily while working or during training to support a good posture and usage of core muscles.


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  5. NB - Bootybuilding Bundle 2

    Are you looking for a bundle, with convenient tools for building a tight and firm booty - This discounted bundle would be what you are looking for. You get, 1 bootybuilding Band, 1 pair of ankle straps and one bootyshaker. Time for getting that round booty you always dreamed of.
  6. NB - Bootybuilding Bundle 1

    Attention bootybuilders, here is an offer for you cant resist. Get the BootyBuilder Band, V-shaper Waist trainer & Bootyshaker from Natja Barnova with a good discount added. theese are the perfect tools for building a well trimmed booty, and good posture.
  7. NB - Bootybuilding Bundle 3

    The full bootybuilding bundle, consists of all the available tools form Natja Barnova - But at a -30% pricetag. You get everything from the shaker, to the V-Shaper. Fully equipped to chase that body you always dreamed off.

7 Item(s)