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  1. Iron Rebel - "PSG" Muscle Shirt

    Iron Rebel's new "PSG" Muscle Shirt. Not just a t-shirt without the sleeves but rather a shirt with a custom cut, specifically made to highlight your V-taper and make you look impressively wide. "Pain Sacrifice Glory" - a design full of attitude while still being simplistic and stylish. 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Maximum comfort, feel and athletic fit.

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    • Iron Rebel - "Only-Approved" Stringer

      It's all about Merchandise. We present our very own, stringer / tanktop from Iron Rebel. made with the high-quality materials you know & custom print. Sizes Runs from M-2XL as you know from the John Meadows Prepmode Stringer. True to size & Athletic fit. 


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      • Iron Rebel - "Forged" Tank (Red)

        Now available in perfect timing for summer is the popular “Forged” Iron Rebel t-shirt model in red, simply with the sleeves cut off, making it a cool tank top for gym and everyday usage. An athletic fit with soft and breathable material that will serve anyone well whether they are in the gym or walking around outside in the warmer months.


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        • Iron Rebel - "Forged" Tank (Navy)

          Arguably the most popular one out of all the Iron Rebel tops is the “Forged” design and now it is officially available in a summery tank top version for the warmer season of 2017. Your favorite short/long sleeve t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt has officially been made available in a cut-off model. What more could you ask for right in time for summer?


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          • Iron Rebel - "Prep Mode" Stringer Tank (Black)

            New 2018 Prepmode Stringer. Maybe the best fitting stringer made by Iron Rebel So far. Made with the well-known John Meadows "punisher" skull, and intensity quote down on the back. Runs a tad big in sizeing, you may want to go a size down for a more "Tight" fit and less "nipple slip"

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            5 Item(s)