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Vitamins & minerals

Health topic:
Vitamins & minerals


It is easy to get confused about the different types of vitamines and minerales. Are they all relevant for you to use as a supplement? What are their actual functions and benefits?
Read along here if you are in doubt, as this articles covers the different vitamins and minerals, their functions and which ones that might could be relevant for you to use a supplement, because it is not an area you want be left unprioritized as they all play a very important part in keeping our bodyfunctions normal and optimized, which is we want all the time.

Which vitamins and minerale is relevant to supplement with and what are their functions?


A all-in-one vitamin product that contains all the vitamins. Very commonly used as it is a cheaper solution than buying every vitamin separately. Though can the dosage of each vitamin in a multi-vitamin product not be the optimal dosage, but that depends on the quality of the product.


This vitamin is normally not a vitamin that is high on the list of priority of supplements for many but can be a good idea to use if you lack on A-vtiamin from the diet. It plays a specific role on our vision, growth of cells, sense of taste, creation of semen and fertility, immune defense and skin. So it is a vitamin that has an influence on many things and is important to have covered.


A very important vitamin that plays a role on many different factors and a supplement that is commonly use. B-vitamin can be divided into 6 sub-categories that all has their different functions and benefits. A b-vitamin complex supplement contains all of them and is for many people very relevant to use, as it is an important vitamin regarding traning, diet and optimal performance and body functions.
The sub-categories is:
Plays a role in metabolism of carbohydrates and protein and plays a role in optimizing the metabolism hereby.

Plays a role for our sight, the eyes, maintenance of our metabolism and functions of the nervous system. Beisdes that it plays a part in maintaining the count of red blood cells and metabolism of iron.

B3/Niacin :
Contributes to a normal metabolism, psycological functions and reduces fatique.

B5/Pantothen acid:
Strengthens production of antibodies and by that it strengthens our immune system.
It also contributes to a normal metabolism and metabolism of D-vitamin. If you lack on B5 it will be easier for you to catch a cold and allergies.

The vitamin most people in the world lack on. Contributes to a normal metabolism of amino acids, creation of blood, psychological functions, immune system and reduces fatique. So a very important vitamin if you are dedicated to training and excercising.

Reduces fatique, contributes to normal metabolism and nervefunction and creation of red blood cells.

So there is many reasons why it can be a good idea for you to supplement with a vitamin B-complex, as it is a vitamin that plays a role in many important features when it comes to optimizing body functions and performance.
High quality B-vitamin complex product:


A vitamin that protects and strenghtens our immune system and protects against virus and bacteria.
It also plays a part in creation of amino acids as we use for building protein. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is able to reduce raised levels of the stresshormone cortisol, that in to high ammounts can limit weightloss and enhance muscle tissue breakdown, which we do not want.
It is commonly used post workout to reduce inflammation and cortisol to speed up recovery and creating better conditions for building muscle but also shredding fat.


D-vitamin is the vitamin we get the least of in the north and almost everyone need to supplement with it to cover the need. D-vitamin comes from the sun and fat fish, and as there is not really that many powerful sunny days in the north every year, and if you do not eat that much fat fish, you need to supplement with it.
D-vitamins function is to raise calcium ammounts in the blood, from the bones, so that calcium will be accessible. Too little calcium in the blood can contribute to muscle cramps and that the body functions normally. Very important to have covered.


The skins vitamin. It contributes to healthy skin and production of it. It can have an anti-aging effect on the skin and limit wrinkles, which everyone would want to fight. It fights free radicals that ages the skin and hereby keep it young and healthy. Along that it strengthens the immune system and maintains normal cell functions and production of new cells.



Helps the blood clot. So if you easily get a bloody nose or bleed a lot when you are cut, this vitamin is what makes the blood clot.


Magnesium plays a part in keeping the bodies functions normalized and maintained. Lack of magnesium can contribute to cramps, fatique, difficulty with concentration, reduced hunger and constipation. It contributes to maintaining the functions and contractions of muscles, brain function, hair, skin, nails, a normal metabolism, sleep and a normal electrolyte balance. All factors that are very important if you want to optimize the performance in the gym and being able to train at your best, so a very important mineral for everyone.


Has an effect on metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein and also plays a part in immune system, fertility, normal psychological functions, creation of bones and metabolism of A-vitamin. Along that zinc can have a positive effect on recovery, so also an important mineral to have covered.


A very underestimated and important supplement for everyone that cares about their training and want to maximisze the effect from their nutrition. Chromium has a very positive effect on insulin sensitivity, which is extremely important when it comes to metabolism of carbohydrates and building muscle tissue. It can contribute to an optimization of your use of carbohydrates and better absorption of them to the muscle cells, which uses them for energy and muscle building. Chromium hereby plays an important in the metabolism of macro nutrients and can help you benefit more of the nutrition you eat. So a very relevant supplement, both for building muscle and shredding fat.


Calcium is found in dairy products and keeps your bones healthy and strong. Lack of calcium can result in weaker bones and if you are young it can limit your growth if you are lacking on it. Lack of calcium over time can also result in porous bones when you get older. The absorption of calcium is depending on D-vitamin and cannot be absorbed without it, which makes them both very important to have covered.


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