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Posts tagged 'workout'

Calle Lundqvist: Back workout

Follow along for one of Only Approved Supplements ambassador Calle Lundqvist's intense back workouts. Check out 5 of his favorite exercises for a bigger, wider and stronger back.
4 years ago
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5 Day Workout Program for Men

Are you looking for a 5-day-a-week workout program that's going to put you to the test and help you gain more mass and strength? Look no further. This program will have you train 5 days on, 2 days off. Read more after the jump.
4 years ago
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5 Tips To Bust Through A Muscle Building Plateau

Here are five muscle growing tips to help you beef up your current training arsenal.
4 years ago
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Working Out When You're Sick - What the Healthcare Professional Says

Feeling sick? Click here, read the article and find out when it's time to hit the gym or call it quits it for the day and rest up.
4 years ago
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