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Posts tagged 'muscle'

4 Ways To Combat Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps can ruin workouts, hinder performance and even make you lose sleep. Learn how to combat cramping using these time-tested and effective methods. Read the full article after the jump.
4 years ago
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4 Ways Inflammation Affects Your Progress

Inflammation is a buzzword that is used and heard very often these days. We list 4 ways inflammation affects your progress in the gym. Read more after the jump.
4 years ago
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5 Tips To Bust Through A Muscle Building Plateau

Here are five muscle growing tips to help you beef up your current training arsenal.
4 years ago
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How Much Protein Per Day Do You Need to Build Muscle?

It’s very common to see athletes and bodybuilders chow down extra protein in their quest to bulk up and get stronger. The message that the general public gets is that they're eating too much protein, but how much protein is actually required to be consumed on a daily basis if the purpose is to build muscle mass? Find out why you might actually be eating too much protein each day....
4 years ago
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BCAA Vs. EAA: which is better and why?

The on-going BCAA vs. EAA debate has gotten heated up. What is the difference? Which is better and what should you take? We give our answers as to which of the two is better and why, when looking at it from a muscle building perspective.
4 years ago
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