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Posts tagged 'health'

The Life Saving Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin K can support bone- and heart health, arteries and much more. Additionally, vitamin K can support strong bones also. Learn more about how Vitamin K can contribute to your health after the jump.
3 years ago
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11 Benefits of Strength Training

Before you go on to make the definitive decision that lifting weights “isn’t for you", check out these 11 benefits of strength training that goes beyond gaining more muscle.
3 years ago
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Vitamins & Supplements: a Guide to Food Choices and Vitamin Deficiencies

Our guide to help you get the most out of your diet and improve your overall health by being on top of your vitamin intake via food choices and dietary supplements.
3 years ago
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Bloating 101: Why Your Stomach Swells Up and What You Can Do About It

Bloating is something everyone suffers from at some point in their life, but that does not make it less bothersome. What causes it, how do we avoid it and how do we fix it? Read the full article after the jump.
3 years ago
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6 Reasons to Work Out Before Sunrise

There is a lot of various scientific research that suggests morning exercise offers a whole host of health benefits such as improved metabolism, better quality of sleep, etc., but this is not all that getting up before the sun rises to work out an be active has to offer. Click here to read more about this type of morning ritual can do for you, after the jump.
3 years ago
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