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Road to the Irish Pro | Leigh Routledge | Episode 8

The eight and final episode of Road to the Irish Pro with Only Approved Supplements and Iron Rebel EU athlete Leigh Routledge takes us to the competition day at the Irish Pro Invitational.   Leigh ended up with a 375 kg squat, 260 kg bench press and 300 kg deadlift, putting him at a 935 kg total with a body weight of 125 kg. For Leigh, that means that he has the 3rd highest total as well as the 4th highest Wilks score in the United Kingdom for 2019.   After placing second at the competition, Leigh has been reinvited to next year's Irish Pro Invitational. He is now hungrier than ever to become the 19th man in the United Kingdom to bench press 300, which he aims to hit at his next competition in December this year.   Watch the video below to see how Leigh did on his big day out.


3 years ago
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