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Granite Supplements Relaunches Their Brand

America-based Granite Supplements first saw the light of day back in early 2017, and quickly grew in popularity and took the supplement industry by storm. With premium products containing nothing but the best, cutting-edge and high quality ingredients in proven, clinical dosages being the primary focus, the company has certainly made a name for itself amongst consumers and retailers only a little more than a year after its' initial release.

The brand new and revamped Granite Supplements product line has arrived

The names and looks of Granite Supplements' products were all playful in their nature, and drew inspiration from various fictional characters and objects that all stemmed from classic comic books - perhaps an indicator of the involvement of IFBB professional bodybuilder and training/nutrition coach, John Meadows, who is a renowned comic book fan and collector.

Now, Granite Supplements have a brand new look and line of products ready for us. The new look showcases a streamlined and clean look with simplistic and to-the-point product names. As far as what the products have to offer ingredients-wise, the new line of product carries over a lot of the original formulas that we have come to know and love, but also introduces a number of all-new products to the family.

The new introductions to the line of products includes ones such as "Joint Care"; a multifaceted joint care formula, as well as "Pre-Mium"; Granite Supplements' most advanced evidence-based pre-workout formula to date.

Granite Supplements' primary idea behind relaunching and offering this new line of products is to allow athletes to mix and match the products to how they see it best fit for their personal needs - something that is indeed favorable for athletes training and competing at high levels who have high demands in terms of both convenience and quality. Expect the same good products as well as few new ones with the same high quality and clinical dosages that we have already become familiar with. In terms of flavour, Granite Supplements did not set out to disappoint us either and thus you can look forward to the exact same great tasting flavours in all of the products.

Granite Supplements' revamped product line: now available at Only Approved Supplements

All of the new products are now officially up for grabs via the Only Approved Supplements webshop. To view them all, click here.