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  • Samir Troudi - Challenges in the Bodybuilding Lifestyle
    21/03/2019 Jesper ├śrum

    212 IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Samir Troudi touches on the challenges becoming a father

    Iron Rebel Athlete, Samir Troudi will over the coming months make some exclusive FAQ's & Motivational videos for Only Approved & Approved Companies.

    The personal aspect, in bodybuilding is often an unknown and less "Public" part of being an active athlete. Obviously everyone needs their privacy. In the video here, you get a 100% honest and transparrent view on one of the challenges that Samir faced during the past year.

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  • The Scale: a beneficial tool or an unnecessary burden to carry?
    02/01/2019 Daniel Emil Ussing

    The bathroom scale: something many have a love/hate relationship with. Should you use it during your fitness journey, and is it helping you reach your goals or is it just being a millstone around your neck?

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