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Dietary Supplements

Vitamins & minerals

It is easy to get confused about the different types of vitamines and minerales. Are they all relevant for you to use as a supplement? What are their actual functions and benefits? Read along here if you are in doubt, as this articles covers the different vitamins and minerals, their functions and which ones that might could be relevant for you to use a supplement, because it is not an area you want be left unprioritized as they all play a very important part in keeping our bodyfunctions normal and optimized, which is we want all the time.
1 year ago
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What is creatine and how does it actually work?

Creatine is naturally found in our bodies and is created by amino acids. It works as a fast acting energy storage in the muscle cell, for short-term and explosive muscular work. It is stored in the muscle cell where it binds to phosphate – which is why it is named creatine phosphate. When we perform a muscular work where the energy requirement is large, creatine phosphate works by stepping in as a substitute for ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is our preferred source of energy to this particular type of muscle work that is short and intense. ATP is a source of energy that runs out fast, and here is the explanation of why creatine can benefit you;
1 year ago
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Protein powder guide

Protein powder is one of the most popular supplements on the market and can contribute with a lot of positive aspects to strength training, regardless if the goal is weight loss or muscle growth.
There are several and different types of protein powders, all with different purposes and this article is written to cover the differences between the most used and popular types, to give knowledge about what to choose and when to use the different types, depending on the goal and purpose with the training.
When we speak about types of protein supplements, the most commonly used and most popular types are:
- Whey concentrate
- Whey isolate
- Whey hydrolyzed isolate
- Casein

1 year ago
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Why use amino acids

One of the most commonly used supplements in fitness and strength training is without a doubt amino acids in different forms. It is a category that you easily can get confused about and there is many different opinions about the category and what to use. This article is created to cover and describe the most commonly used products of the amino acid category and to give insight in which product that has the highest relevance for the individual to use as a supplement, based on the goals.

1 year ago
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Vitamins & Supplements: a Guide to Food Choices and Vitamin Deficiencies

Our guide to help you get the most out of your diet and improve your overall health by being on top of your vitamin intake via food choices and dietary supplements.
4 years ago
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The Truth Behind Proprietary Blends In Dietary Supplements

Have you ever stopped to look on the back of any of your dietary supplements and if so, did you happen to notice the term "Proprietary Blend" on the Supplement Facts label? What does this term even mean and does it affect the supplements in any way at all? We dive into the nitty-gritty of proprietary blends in the supplement business and give our opinion on them as a whole right here.
4 years ago
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BCAA Vs. EAA: which is better and why?

The on-going BCAA vs. EAA debate has gotten heated up. What is the difference? Which is better and what should you take? We give our answers as to which of the two is better and why, when looking at it from a muscle building perspective.
4 years ago
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Glucose Disposal Agents: What, when, why and how?

The comprehensive what's, when's, why's and how's of glucose disposal agents/nutrient partitioning agents/insulin mimetics. We break down and explain the hormone insulin, insulin signalling, body fat storage in relation to insulin sensitivity, what to expect from and look for in a "good" glucose disposal agent and give our suggestion to what the best choice for a matching product would be.
4 years ago
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Granite Supplements Relaunches Their Brand

America-based Granite Supplements first saw the light of day back in early 2017, and quickly grew in popularity and took the supplement industry by storm. With premium products containing nothing but the best, cutting-edge and high quality ingredients in proven, clinical dosages being the primary focus, the company has certainly made a name for itself amongst consumers and retailers only a little more than a year after its' initial release.
4 years ago
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