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Calle Lundqvist: Back workout

Back Training With Calle Lundqvist

It's not unusual to see Swedish Only Approved Supplements ambassador Calle Lundqvist silently working with upwards of 300 kg on conventional deadlifts, which is something that he attributes the overall thickness and density of his back to himself, but Calle is also one to pay meticulous attention to detail. We followed along an intense back workout of his; a day where the barbell finally had a rest day from his inhuman strength.


This does not mean that he did not move some weight, but in this workout, the focus was more on the actual contraction of the muscle fibers in each exercise. You will see that Calle is in full control of the weights all throughout.


Check out the full back workout below:

Exercise 1: Machine Low Row.

Exercise 2: Incline Cable Pulldown (using individual handles).

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Row (scapula focused).

Exercise 4: Reverse Pec Dec.

Exercise 5: Cable Pullover.

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