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Educated & Certified System Administrator. CEO & Founder of Approved Companies (Only Approved Supplements) Former Personal Trainer & Bodybuilding Coach.

  • Ambassador Search
    08/11/2019 Jesper Ørum

    Brand Ambassador Search For November



    At Only Approved Supplements, our VISION is to have community of ambassadors who empower each other and others through health- and fitness initiatives.


    Our MISSION is to build a team of ambassadors, to inspire each other, and to learn through Only Approved Supplements.



    • You are going to be part of more than just a brand; we represent a movement



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    • 17/04/2019 Jesper Ørum

    • Vitamin D for athletes
      27/03/2019 Jesper Ørum

      For optimal bone and muscle growth in the body Vitamin D is essential. However recent studies and researches show that Vitamin D is also helpful in reducing the risk of stress fracture, controlling infection and inflammation and prognosis of impaired muscle function. Hence it can be easily said that Athletes should take Vitamin D seriously and consider taking supplements along with natural precursors of vitamin D.

      vitamin D for athletes

      What is Vitamin D and how do we get it?

      Vitamin D is a unique nutrient which can be produced in the body endogenously, when the skin is exposed to the sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation in the Sunlight converts the 7-dehydrocholesterol present in the plasma membranes of dermal and epidermal cell in to Previtamin D3. Subsequently Previtamin D3 goes through some physiological changes and converts to Vitamin D eventually. In this process Liver and Kidney cells are also involved. Cutaneous production of Vitamin D depends on several factors such as environmental and personal factors.

      Vitamin D deficiency not only compromised the skeletal system growth, but also compromises the body physiology on so many levels. Inadequate Vitamin D in the body results in chronic and autoimmune disorders including hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bowel disorder and some types of cancer. If Vitamin D deficiency is experienced even a trained athlete can experience all these diseases.

      Excess body fat and Vitamin D indices

      Recent studies indicate that excess body fat may result in lower amount of Vitamin D in the body. Usually a fraction of both D2 and D3 are available in the subcutaneous fat layers. In the winters they are released when the production of the precursors of Vitamin D are lower. However, in people with higher body fat, the precursors are found deep in the fatty layers, making it difficult to release for further production for Vitamin D.

      Importance of Vitamin D in athletes.

      Athletes need a strong skeletal system to perform better in various kinds of physical activities. Hence its needless to highlight the importance of Vitamin D in athletes. Depending on the altitude, availability of sun , skin color etx the production of Vitamin D varies. If adequate amount of Vitamin D is not available it may result in compromised bone health, muscular pain and other issues of the body. such as inflammation and compromised immunity. All these issues could be avoided by taking Vitamin D supplements.

      vitamin D supplements for muscles and bones

      Vitamin D requirement for athletes.

      In the United states specific amount of Vitamin D has been prescribed for different age groups. Some researches even call for recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D. For children it is set at 200 IU and for adults of 50 years it is set 400 IU: The tolerable upper limit for Vitamin D is set at 2000 IU per day. To add to these facts, researches show that athletes do not have special requirements other than the general population.

    • Samir Troudi - Challenges in the Bodybuilding Lifestyle
      21/03/2019 Jesper Ørum

      212 IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Samir Troudi touches on the challenges becoming a father

      Iron Rebel Athlete, Samir Troudi will over the coming months make some exclusive FAQ's & Motivational videos for Only Approved & Approved Companies.

      The personal aspect, in bodybuilding is often an unknown and less "Public" part of being an active athlete. Obviously everyone needs their privacy. In the video here, you get a 100% honest and transparrent view on one of the challenges that Samir faced during the past year.

      Feel free to comment, & share in the bottom of the page

    • Neil Hill Y3T Godfather, Explaining the importance of supplements
      20/03/2019 Jesper Ørum

      Neil Hill Explaining why when and how you need to take your supplements, for optimal results.

    • About Us - Your Personal supplement distributor
      12/03/2019 Jesper Ørum

      Approved Companies, Distribution of Supplements and Apparel

      The name might seem a bit self-rightious, but should be taken with a smile. We are a group of passionated fitness Enthusiasts & Competitive Bodybuilders, who started the adventure of developing a business the way we found it intentional. Selling a product, is for us not only an idea of Margins and Profit, though it might be tempting at some points. But the idea and fundament behind the company, is to offer and distribute products we can stand behind, and recommend. Some might tell you, that their product is the best - But in a world where marketing drives the sales, there is still Niché companies, whom find themselves batteling with the giants. We like the smaller companies, driven with passion, and do not always support the Giants.

      ​Selling products, from niché companies, is not always without trouble. It takes a huge effort for our staff to gather the right and adequate information for our customers. This would also show on the amount of information we try to publish, without stepping on anyones toes.

      Approved Companies Helps the American Supplement market, to Europe.

      EU, is in many ways a solid fundament for business and countries to grow. But it is entirely different than in the US, or other parts of the world. We are trying to help the American companies that sees a potential in Europe, onto the market by guiding and consulting about the products and regulatories that may have an impact on the supplement. In case of any twists and uncertain areas of the regulatories & legislations, we have teamed up with 1Afoodconsulting, whom specializes in Supplement & Food-Law in Europe.

      You may have heard about supplement brands, such as Iron Rebel or MPAsupps? we provided a base for growing their businesses, in europe.






      Process & Finance












      Experience, holds the foundation and integrity intact.

      Owner and founder, Jesper Ørum, Speaks from experience when it comes to Training & Supplementation. The project, Only Approved Supplements, was founded after a long period of training Athletes, and at the same time taken training seriously himself. Daniel, Our content-manager is an educated Pharmacy Technician, whom is currently undergoing courses in European food legislations & Regulations. Jenni Aaskov, is an educated Personal Trainer, whom has the responsibility for customer service. Ronnie Niemi, former employee at Gasp & Better Bodies + is a competitive Bodybuilder himself - Yes, we work with what we love... Bodybuilding & Fitness.

    • Vitamin Supplements
      23/02/2019 Jesper Ørum

      Vitamins are essential micronutrients essential for proper metabolism in our body. They are organic compounds found in food. The human body produces a very little amount of vitamins. Hence external sources of vitamins or supplements should be used to fulfil the needs.

      Unlike the basic nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), vitamins do not provide energy, which is why they are included in the group of active substances. They mainly have two functions:

      1. Enzyme Formation: Some enzymes needed for the metabolism of basic nutrients in the body's cells can only be formed if sufficient vitamins are present.
      2. Strengthening the immune system: These are vitamins that are in the blood or in certain cells, such as vitamins A, C, D and E.


      cover the vitamin level.

      vitamin supplements

      Sports persons and athletes engage in rigorous physical activities. The dietary requirements of such individuals are different from average individuals. Hence the sports persons should take regular supplements to to replenish them. This helps in maintaining a healthy level of supplements and prevent any stress on the body. An adequate amount of vitamin level in the body is essential for smooth functioning of the body. It also helps in achieving better performance objectives set by athletes.

      Vitamins can be classified in to two types

      • water soluble vi( Vitamins ( Vitamin B and C )
      • Fat soluble vitamins ( Vitamin A, D E and K)

      The following Vitamins are of special concern to athletes:

      Vitamin B Complex:

      The Vitamin B complex is a group of water-soluble vitamins except Vitamin C. The vitamin B-complex includes, these include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and the cobalamins. The B vitamins help in releasing the energy in the body, tissue repair and healthy functioning of red blood cells. Therefore, athletes need a higher dose or vitamin B supplements.

      Vitamin B1: The energy and nerve vitamin (thiamine) is needed for the energy metabolism of muscles and nerves. A deficiency can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration, to muscle weakness and nerve inflammation.

      Vitamin B6: Also known as pyridoxine, it is the key vitamin for muscle building and protein metabolism. With increasing protein intake, the need for vitamin B6 increases. A deficiency can be reflected in decreased protein synthesis, muscle wasting or cramping.

      Vitamin B12: This vitamin can only be produced by microorganisms and contributes to the development of endogenous proteins. An adequate supply is therefore particularly important for athletes.

      Vitamin C: Commonly referred to as ascorbic acid, it boosts the immune system, and helps in the regeneration of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

      Vitamin D: It is mainly absorbed by sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is very common because of today's lifestyle. It is important for maintaining bone health, optimal muscle function and performance, and for overall support of the immune system.

      Vitamin E: The fat-soluble vitamin (also called tocopherol) is absorbed via the dietary fat. It is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids and thus important for the development of healthy muscles. In addition, it is attributed an antioxidant effect, that is, it works as a blocker of free radicals in the body.


      Especially competitive athletes should take care to supply adequate amounts of vitamins to their bodies. The basis for this is a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It may be useful in special cases to compensate for the daily vitamin requirement via supplements. Especially persons belonging to the risk groups can use single or multi vitamin supplements to

    • Svenja Siewert
      13/02/2019 Jesper Ørum

      German IFBB Women's Physique competitor and Only Approved Supplements athlete Svenja Siewert talks about training, dieting, supplementation, life in general, past experiences and future goals. To have a look at the full sit-down interview, click right here and have the full experience after the jump.

    • Mille Sofie Rasmussen
      04/02/2019 Jesper Ørum

      In this interview, we dive into the world of IFBB Bikini Fitness competitor and Only Approved Supplements athlete Mille Sofie Rasmussen. Mille has undergone quite an impressive transformation and like many others, have had to overcome a number of obstacles on her journey to get where she is today, but nevertheless, she still has her very own story to tell. Read it and find out more about how she goes about training, dieting, supplementation and more, after the jump.

    • Peter Lagermand
      31/01/2019 Jesper Ørum

      Peter Lagermand has pretty much become a household name within the Danish fitness and bodybuilding industry. After more than 20 years in the business, Peter is full of experience and has a lot of great knowledge to offer. We sat down and had a chat with him about his training, supplements, diet, how it all started, where he is know, where he wants to go, and more. Read the full interview after the jump.

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