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IFBB Pro Anne Mohn, FR


appearing out of nowhere, Only Approved Supplements athlete Anne Lorraine Mohn burst onto the scene when she earned her IFBB pro card by winning both her class and the overall at the 2018 Iron Rebel World Show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having performed jaw-droppingly well in Copenhagen, Anne has since then debuted as a professional Women's Physique athlete at the IFBB Muscle Fest Pro in Bucharest, Romania, and looks to have a bright future ahead of her in the sport.

Anne is 32 years old and lives in Reims, the champagne-central of France.

She trains at Gigagym, a local fitness and bodybuilding facility in Reims,
and says she does so because of the broad range of very high quality equipment, and the nice people there.

How did you get in to working out and how long have you been doing it for?

"I got into working out at the tender age of 15 because I was very skinny and simply wanted to gain some weight
so my physique could get more curvy."

"Ever since then, my love for working out, health, fitness and the sport of bodybuilding has only grown, and so has my desire to better myself. I've been working out for 17 years now."

What's your fondest memory from competing, training etc.?

"I have a lot, but the one that comes to my mind first is when I won my pro card at the 2018 Iron Rebel World Show in Copenhagen, Denmark."

"It was a great day and I met so many amazing and beautiful athletes, plus I think the package I brought
was pretty decent too."

Which muscle group is your favourite one to train and why?

"Legs for sure. It's almost as cliché to say that you love training legs as it is to say that you hate doing it these days, but for me, it really is the case."

"I had a knee surgery in 2008 that rendered my left leg completely numb for an entire year afterwards, so legs are by far the most challenging bodypart to train for me.
That's why it's my favourite one too."

Which muscle group is your least favourite one to train and why?

"That would be abdominals."

"As most athletes would probably say, I love to work out and there is no muscle group that I despise training, but if I had to choose one that I like the least, it would probably be abs. I don't feel like I really need to train them that much as I think they'll show as soon as I start dieting, plus it's just not that enjoyable to train them really."

What's your current training program looking like, and can you name a few of your favourite exercises/techniques?

"I'm super basic when it comes to training. My current workout split is push/pull/legs, and every body part gets worked twice a week."

"My favourite exercises are equally as simple: squat, bench press, deadlift."

"Basic, heavy compound movements are what builds size and strength."

What kind of music do you like to listen to while working out?

"It's very different and I really can't name any specific genres or band names etc. because I'll usually just hit play and go at it with the weights for the most part."

"As long as it makes me push myself in the gym,
I'll listen to it."

What's your favourite foods and how do you make your food tasty?

"I really like my clean foods actually: salmon, chicken, eggs, white rice, sweet potatoes, cream of rice ..
You name it, I love it."

"As far as sauces and spices etc.,
I'm also very simple. I don't really do a lot of it and I'm very busy as well so everything just needs to be cooked quickly, but like I said, I like the taste of my foods just how they are, so I don't mind eating them plain."

"My favourite cheat food is sushi. Definitely."

"Again: something that is somewhat clean yet still very tasty indeed."

What's your worst habit?

"I'm very hard on myself and have a hard time giving myself a pad on the back so to say. It's much easier for me to focus on my weakpoints, which is obviously also good in a way, but I'm definitely working on giving myself more credit where it's due."

If you could go back and start your fitness journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes, what would you do?

"If I could go back and start my physique/fitness journey all over, I would definitely start living my dream and compete a lot earlier."

"I wouldn't let people decide what's best for me either. There's been too many times where I've let the opinions of other people bring me down or change my mind, and life's just too short for that."

Finish this sentence: before this year ends, I ...

"Before this year ends, I promise you that you will see me give everything that I have in order for me to realize my dream of qualifying for the Olympia contest in September."

Can you name some of your favourite supplements?

"If I was to name a few that I would never go without, it would be the Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes and the FLOORASSIST Balance by Life Extension as well as the PharmGrade EAA by MPA Supplements."

"I value my digestion very highly, so the two products by Life Extension that I talked about are very important for me."

"I'm generally a huge fan of MPA Supplements."

"My favourite ones are their CortiSolve, VasoBurn and VasoSeven, and of course the PharmGrade EAA like I mentioned earlier."