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BFR Bands - PRO-X Edition - Just Pull to Tighten™️

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The all-new version of the previous BFR Bands "PRO" model: the "PRO-X Edition". These are the most high quality and easy-to-use blood flow restriction training bands available on the market today. They have a 2" width that has been scientifically proven to be the most optimal for BFR training purposes and redesigned buckle that allows for easy tightening of the bands and makes pinching the skin virtually impossible. BFR training has never been more comfortable, convenient and effective.

  • Optimal 5-centimeter width
  • Extra strong and super comfortable
  • Patent-pending pressure tracking system
  • Patent-pending, easy pull-to-tighten buckle

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BFR Bands - "PRO-X Edition" - Just Pull to Tighten™️

BFR Bands "PRO-X Edition": the easiest-to-use and most accurate blood flow restriction training bands on the market

The best BFR Bands just got better!

There are a few things you should be aware of before going on to read more about the BFR Bands "PRO-X Edition" training bands. The goal of BFR (blood flow restriction) or occlusion training is to slow blood flow away from the working limbs. You have arteries that carry blood flow in. These are a little bit deeper, meaning that if you apply too much pressure to working limb using a strap that is too narrow, you could potentially occlude the arterial blood flow - this is not what you are trying to do. What you are trying to do, however, is to occlude the venous blood flow coming from the superficial (closer to the surface) veins. This is why it is highly recommended that when you start using your occlusion training bands - given that you are using a quantitative scale - you start at about a 5-7 in terms of tightness on a scale from 1-10 (1 being the loosest and 10 being the tightest) and do a high volume/lightweight warm-up. It is also highly recommended that you press your thumb into the palm of the hand and check how long it takes for the colour to return. This should usually take around 2-3 seconds. If it takes less time than that, it will mean that the bands are too loose and vice versa. You should never ignore any subjective feelings of numbness, tingling or any kind of pain what so ever when using the occlusion training bands and they should be taken off or loosened immediately if any of these sensations occur. Furthermore, it is not recommended that you wear your occlusion training bands close to a joint since these places have a large number of nerves located around them - applying pressure on these will not be beneficial for hypertrophy.

The BFR Bands - "PRO-X Edition" training bands feature a completely redesigned and patented new version of the buckle, making the bands not only easy to put on and take off but also to tighten up before exercise. This means that when you slide the bands on, you will not have to open nor close the buckle. Simply just slide the bands on and pull to tighten. The "PRO-X Edition" occlusion training bands also feature a specific numbering system that allows you to follow along and keep track of pressure: something that we have not seen before but is sure to allow you to have better workouts because of the ability to create symmetry and equal amounts of pressure from workout to workout. The lever is intentionally designed to be flush on the band and low profile on the band to keep it from breaking off if you should bump into something while wearing it. To open the buckle, simply either slide your finger underneath it and pop it up or use the band to do the same thing if the buckle sits too tight on the band for you to open it using just your finger. 
You will also notice that BFR Bands put an elastic loop holder on the back of the band that allows you to tug the slack in and keep it in place when performing an exercise while wearing the bands. 

A big misconception about BFR training is that the bands should be extremely tight. BFR Bands used the specific width that can be seen with the "PRO-X Edition" bands and had Texas A&M University carry out a clinical study on it when using it for blood flow restriction training. The study found the exact width of the "PRO-X Edition" bands (2") was the most optimal for superficial vascular occlusion. This supports the previous statement of BFR training intended to not occluded the arteries that carry blood flow into the muscle, but to slow blood flow from leaving the muscle via the superficial veins. 

You can wear the "PRO-X Edition" on top of clothes and also directly on the skin. The newly redesigned buckle was made to be virtually pinch-free. 

If you are looking for the absolute best and most user-friendly blood flow restriction bands on the market, the "PRO-X Edition" model is the answer for you.

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