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  1. BFR Bands® - "Elite" BFR Bands (Pair) - Occlusion Bands Designed For BFR Training

    Have you already tried BFR (blood flow restriction) training? Are you looking for a more comfortable band to use during your workouts? The BFR ”ELITE 2.0” bands might be just what you want. These are furnished with a super comfortable elastic nylon strap and a quick-release cam buckle, making it very easy to strap up and release. They come in a pair, allowing you to symmetrically train both arms or legs at the same time, and also feature a brand new and smart marking system for maximised precision and symmetry when working out while wearing them. The "Elite 2.0 BFR Bands" are thicker, longer (40" rather than 30") and thus allow for more rigid use.


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  2. BFR Bands® - "Pro Slim" BFR Bands (Pair) - Occlusion Training Bands Designed For BFR Training

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  3. BFR Bands® - "Pro" BFR Bands (Pair) - Occlusion Training Bands Designed For BFR Training

    Are you familiar with BFR (blood flow restriction) training? Perhaps you are even an advanced user? Do you have a more muscular type of body and are you looking for the absolute best band for your BFR training on the market today? Then BFR ”PRO” bands is just what you are looking for.


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  4. BFR Bands - "PRO-X Edition" - Just Pull to Tighten™️

    The all-new version of the previous BFR Bands "PRO" model: the "PRO-X Edition". These are the most high quality and easy-to-use blood flow restriction training bands available on the market today. They have a 2" width that has been scientifically proven to be the most optimal for BFR training purposes and redesigned buckle that allows for easy tightening of the bands and makes pinching the skin virtually impossible. BFR training has never been more comfortable, convenient and effective.


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  5. BFR Bands - Signature series Bands - The ultimate Kaatsu product

    The Ultimate Kaatsu band, for blood flow restriction training, has landed on the shelves. The bands can be inflated with the hand-pump to hold a continous stable pressure in mmHg - this ensures that you dont over or underdo in terms of keeping the correct pressure on your lims.

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5 Item(s)