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Beef Protein

In the world of bodybuilding , the source of protein and their effectiveness is a common debate. As the whey protein is widely used as a protein supplement source, there is always a need for alternative protein sources which can be used by sports persons and bodybuilders. In the protein supplements options, beef protein powder is the latest addition. Beef protein powder is made from beef protein isolate. Being bio-available and low in cholesterol, and rich in vitamins and minerals, it supports lean muscle mass and also provides a range of nutritional values.

Beef protein has the highest biological value and can be readily absorbed by the body as compared to egg protein. However when the composition is taken in to account, it is similar to whey protein in terms of amino acid delivery profile. Though whey protein has higher biological value, it has higher percentage of sugar and lipid profile as compared to beef protein. Hence, some consumers prefer the later over whey protein supplements. Moreover, the beef protein supplements are naturally high in Proline, Glycine, arginine, Glutamic acid, Alanine etc.


How Beef protein powder is produced ?


The beef flesh is boiled in containers. This produces a liquid rich in BCAA (branched chain amino acids) and EAA (essential amino acids), along with other nutrients. The fat and carbohydrate content is then removed by skimming the liquid. This results in a concentrate that is high in amino acids as high as 98 % in the remaining matter. The beef concentrate is then spray dried to produce the protein powder.


The finished beef protein isolate contains high amount of BCAA and EAA. A single serving of 30 gm of 29.5 grams of protein.


Digestion and absorption of beef protein.


Commercially available beef protein powders use different technology for faster lean muscle mass gain. The most common method is to provide hydrolyzed beef protein isolate. Hydrolyzed beef protein has already undergone the pre-digestion phase and thus it facilitates faster absorption. In comparison to raw beef meat, which takes 5 to 6 hours to digest completely and deliver the amino acids, the hydrolyzed beef protein isolate skips the steps of metabolism to be absorbed faster.


Like other protein supplements, the beef protein isolate, provides same functional benefits. For longer hours of workout, it provides the energy, speeds up recovery and helps in putting desired muscle mass. The difference with other protein supplements is, the absorption rate and nutritional value.