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Daniel Emil Ussing

Daniel Emil Ussing
Title: Pharmacy Technician & Product Specialist

Educated at the Danish School of Pharmacy Technicians & Acting specialist in Dietary Supplements. If you have any questions about the effects, ingredients or integrity of a product, please don't hesitate to contact me. Visit my LinkedIn profile for References

Daniel Emil Ussing

Who is Daniel?

About me in a few lines

I'm Daniel, a 23-year old guy based in Kolding, the southern part of Jutland in Denmark. I grew up around two parents whom were both bodybuilders, so I was always taught the healthy way of living with good nutrition, physical activity and plenty of rest. At 8 years old, I picked up my first Muscular Development magazine which my dad gave me. I was hooked instantly. I wouldn't go on to working out until a little later in my teenage years, though, but the fascination for what the body could look was there anyway. Fast forward 12 years later, and I was starting my education to become a pharmacy technician at the Danish College of Pharmacy Technicians and still carried my fascination for physical development and health everywhere I went. I came from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which was by no means a walk in the park either, but finishing my pharma education was harder than anything I had ever done. I wasn't just studying, I was also working 8-9 hours a day at my local pharmacy at the same time, so passing the exams was nothing short of the biggest challenge in my life. All the way throughout the process of my education and working full-time at the pharmacy, I was part of Only Approved Supplements and did my best to make sure the site had relevant content such as product descriptions etc. In the summer of 2018, I was hired to work as the product specialist at Only Approved Supplements and now here we are.

Work experience

As mentioned, my education to become a Pharmacy Technician involved working full-time at my local pharmacy (Kolding Sønderbro Apotek), and I worked here for all of the three years that it took me to get my diploma and my certificates. The Daniel who started working there at the age of 20 and didn't even have the slightest basic medicinal knowledge, was not the same guy who proudly got called up by the CEO and dean of the college to get his diploma on graduation day. Working tightly with a team of greatly experienced pharmacy technicians as well as pharmacists who had their Masters degree in the Science of Pharmacy for all of my three years there, it is safe to say I learned a whole lot about not only pharmaceutical and medicinal science, but also teamwork, planning, prioritising and last but not least: people and how to communicate with them. Pharmacies involve having to engage in dialogue with people of all kinds, sizes, ages, religious and political beliefs etc., and having to learn how to convey information to them in the best way possible was not easy by any means, but it was indeed more valuable than I could have ever imagined to begin with. As part of the training during the process of my education, I also went through a period of working as an intern at the Geriatrics department of my local hospital.


In 2018, I passed my Pharmacy technician* examination from the Danish College of Pharmacy Technicians, in which I was obligated to present my personal presentation portfolio on type 1-diabetes and upper respiratory infections, attend two written examinations on basic knowledge and practical administration of pharmacy practice as well as two separate oral examinations on pharmaceutical counselling for patients in autoimmune disease treatment, and present my project focusing on the clinical pharmacy aspect of compliance among hypertensive patients in the non-pharmacological part of their treatment.

Fitness, Bodybuilding and Health

Like I stated in the introduction, my fascination for building the body and keeping it healthy has persisted ever since my parents first introduced it to me. I have been training naturally since the age of 18, and in my journey to better my physique and knowledge about training and nutrition, I have had the chance to be taught by some of the very best within the industry, ie. John "Mountain Dog" Meadows.
I'm a firm believer that health should always come first no matter who you and what your goals are: if your body is not healthy and running at optimal levels, you are never going to fully reach your goals. My core belief that nutrition does always come first. If you for some reason do not wish to engage in physical training of any sort, you should at least have your diet in check. Supplements are often stigmatised for being pure marketing and having no effect in practice, but I beg to differ. Dietary supplements is a field in which I have spent many hours researching and experimenting in order to find the ones that I personally believe in, thus I am confident when I say I'm able to state factual arguments both for and against virtually any supplement on the market.

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Contact information

Daniel Emil Ussing
Product Specialist at Approved Companies
(+45) 36 99 70 86

Visit the website of the Danish College of Pharmacy Technicians here.

*In Danish Farmakonom / pharmaconomist.