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Peter Lagermand

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Peter Lagermand


more than 20 years of experience in the field as a competitive athlete and both online as well as personal training of over 1000 clients, Only Approved Supplements athlete Peter Lagermand knows what it takes to become successful.

We went to Peter's hometown gym, Vesterbronx Gym in Copenhagen, Denmark, and followed along for a workout and a sit-down conversation afterwards.

Peter is 40 years old and currently lives in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

He trains at his local gym, Vesterbronx Gym in the Western part of Copenhagen. Peter says he chooses to work out at this particular gym because of his great relationship with both the members and owners alike, and also because it's a great facility with high quality equipment and an awesome atmosphere to train in.

How did you get in to working out and how long have you been doing it for?

"I've been working out for a total of like, 25 years or so by now, and the competitive aspect has been going on for around 17-18 years."

"Originally, I got in the gym with the intention of bettering my martial arts. I wanted to get stronger and reap the benefits of the carryovers it would give me, but after a few years working out, I was completely hooked. It didn't take long before weight training became my main focus point."

What's your fondest memory from competing, training etc.?

"I've got so many. It's too hard to decide on just one. When you've competed in as many shows as I have, the good memories quickly pile up, and thank goodness for that."

"Traveling the world to compete in bodybuilding shows and making it more than just going to a competition has always been very dear to me, so a lot of my trips to L.A. and Las Vegas for example, have been huge experiences because they were also combined with visits to some of the most iconic gyms like Gold's Gym, Venice Beach in California (The Mecca of Bodybuilding) and City Athletic Club in Las Vegas - plus my contests there were incredibly succesful."

Which muscle group is your favourite one to train and why?

"As most athletes or fitness enthusiasts would say, I enjoy training every muscle group, and of course it varies from day to day as well, but if I was to choose one that I particularly enjoy training, it would probably be legs. Nothing beats a good leg workout."

Which muscle group is your least favourite one to train and why?

"Again; something I think most athletes or people who generally care about health and fitness would say, I like to train every muscle group, but to name some that I'm working on improving, I'd say my arms and chest are the main focus points right now."

"If I absolutely had to choose one muscle group that I don't like to train, it would probably be abs. Ab training is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world."

What's your current training program looking like, and can you name a few of your favourite exercises/techniques?

"It's nothing too exciting or magical at all - mostly simple and basic bodybuilding type of workouts, but I care a lot about the actual execution of each exercise."

"My motto when it comes to working out has always been: your next rep should be your best rep, and this basically just means that you should always aim for the best possible exercise execution more than weight, time under tension or anything else for that matter".

"As far as exercises go, of course I like the big basics such as squats, bench press and deadlifts as these are the foundation for any good program, but I especially like Bulgarian Split Squats for the quadriceps, and on these I love to go apesh!t and do drop sets, iso-holds, etc."

"Perfect execution of the exercises is key, but intensity is absolutely crucial as well."

What kind of music do you like to listen to while working out?

"I don't always listen to music when I work out. Like, I don't always bring a headset or so, but if I do, I'll normally put on some hard rock or heavy metal. It really fires me up to train hard and I just like that kind of music in general."

What's your favourite foods and how do you make your food tasty?

"For cheat meals, I love sushi, pizza, burgers; as long as it fills up the glycogen storages in the muscles and tastes good of course."

"If I had to choose one, it would probably be pizza, and I have a severe weakness for Ritter Sport (Coconut)."

"I don't really think too much about making food tasty. The foods I eat are generally ones that I enjoy, and come contest preparation and diet time, I'll eat anything as long as it makes sure I bring the conditioning I want to the stage."

What's your worst habit?

"I'm unbelievably impatient and very bad at letting someone else handle any given task instead of just being in complete control over everything myself. This goes for pretty much everything I do."

"I don't do well with spontaneity either and I tend to take all criticism very personally. These are all definitely things that I'm actively working on becoming better at every single day, and it's gotten a lot better, but there's still a long way for me to go."

If you could go back and start your fitness journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes, what would you do?

"If I could go back to a young(er) Peter and tell him some words of wisdom, I'd definitely say that he needs to learn how to let go and not let his head control him so much. I'd also tell him to take more rest days from the gym and try and have a more relaxed relationship with food when not on a diet as part of a contest preparation."

"These are all things I've come to learn and be better at being 40 years old, but I should have gotten here at a much younger age."

Finish this sentence: before this year ends, I ...

"I actually think my life is at its' peak right now. I've never been so confident about what kind of life I want to live and then actually do it too."

"I love my life, and when I go to bed at night, the thing I look most forward to is hearing the alarm clock ringing in the morning so I can get up and start a brand new day, even though I know sleeping is necessary to be able to function well and create results."

"It sounds super cliché saying this, but I think sleeping is really just a waste of life. The people who feel the same way as me will know what I'm talking about, and if anyone out there doesn't know what I'm talking about here, they need to get going and create a life for themselves so they can feel just like I do, because everyone deserves to."

Can you name some of your favourite supplements?

"Some of the most important supplements - in my opinion at least - are essential amino acids (EAA), L-Glutamine, Omega-3, Vitamin D and ZMA."

"I like to use the products by Life Extension and Scitec Nutrition because I believe they're very high in quality. Scitec Nutrition's protein is also the best tasting one on the market if you ask me."