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Mille Sofie Rasmussen

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Mille Sofie Rasmussen


she's undergone quite an impressive transformation loosing over 45 lbs, and battled off both depression and social anxiety, it's safe to say Only Approved athlete and Bikini Fitness competitor Mille Sofie Rasmussen is not one to give up nor is she an easy one to stop even with the hardest of challenges.

Mille says fitness and bodybuilding saved her life, and now that she's done more than enough to prove herself right that she indeed has the strength and willpower to go through a grueling physique contest preparation to get up on stage and perform, it's hard to say just how much the future holds for her.

Mille is 25 years old and currently lives in Vordingborg Municipality - and old ferry town about not too far outside of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

She trains at two different gyms; PMT Gym and MyGym respectively. If you ask Mille, training at a well-equipped gym with good people and an overall motivational atmosphere is what's most important if you want to have good workouts.

How did you get in to working out and how long have you been doing it for?

"I've been the girl who started up a new fad diet at least a hundred times! I just always stopped after 3-4 weeks tops because I didn't find it very fun or motivating to work out at all."

"In 2014, I picked up working out again after a hard breakup, and multiple years of battling both depression and social anxiety. I did it to get myself sort of a free space - not to loose 25 lbs or something. The months went by and I just found myself enjoying the workouts more and more."

"The results started showing, and I started feeling more confident while I felt less anxious. I hardly ever feel anxiety nowadays, actually."

"Anyway, not too long after, I made it a goal of mine to get on stage and compete in a physique competition. I did it because I knew I had the strength and willpower to do so, and today I can't live without working out because I feel like it really saved my life."

"By now, I've been working out for 4.5 years or so."

What's your fondest memory from competing, training etc.?

"That was by far when I got first callout at the DBFF Newcomers in 2017."

"It was my very first show ever and my only goal was just to prove to myself that I had what it took to go through the diet and get up on stage, so when I made it to the first callout, I was so happy and cried so much I had mascara running down my face for the finals."

"When I placed first at the Faroe Islands Burn Showdown last year, that was also a pretty memorable one. I worked really hard for that show."

Which muscle group is your favourite one to train and why?

"Legs. Most definitely. I love training them. It makes me feel strong, and the feeling of getting home being all sore and tired is just priceless to me."

"Leg day is the day where you really get to show what you're made of and I love that."

Which muscle group is your least favourite one to train and why?

"That would be abs for sure. It's so boring."

"When was the last time you heard someone say: oh, I had such a crazy good ab workout the other day? Exactly. No one ever does."

What's your current training program looking like, and can you name a few of your favourite exercises/techniques?

"My current training split looks like this:

  • Monday: Glutes and hamstrings
  • Tuesday: Shoulders, triceps and abs
  • Wednesday: Back and biceps
  • Thursday: Legs (focus on quads and glutes)
  • Friday: Shoulders, arms and abs
  • Saturday: Shoulders
  • Sunday: off."

"My favourite exercises are squats, deadlifts (and variations), hip thrusts, frog pumps and glute bridges (yes, I'm a big fan of glute training)."

"In general, I like exercises where I feel strong. Supersetting is also something that I really like because of the high volume, and I also started incorporating things such as muscle rounds etc. i my workouts to keep a relatively high volume without compromising the level of intensity."

What kind of music do you like to listen to while working out?

"For power walks and cardio in general, I like to listen to various podcasts to make time go by faster."

"For working out with weights, I like everything from soundtracks to Disney movies and really up-tempo trance type tunes. It really depends on my mood but I always find something that gets me fired up to go hard."

What's your favourite foods and how do you make your food tasty?

"Favourite foods - if we're talking cheat meal type foods, that is - would definitely be fat, greasy burgers and sushi."

"If it's just diet type foods, I'm simple. I like my chicken and rice to be honest. I'll usually spice it up by mixing in some red curry paste and light coconut milk with my chicken. If I want to increase the portion size of rice meals, I really love to mix in cauliflower rice with it since it adds tons of volume, tastes great and barely has any calories."

"Other than that, I always put some type of spicy seasoning on my chicken, and dressings and tzatziki (skyr-based of course) are also a safe win every single time."

What's your worst habit?

"I'm not too good at actually relaxing when I have a day off or so. I love what I do for a living so working is something that I do a lot of. Having a lot to do is just something I really like."

"I think I could definitely be better at putting myself as my first priority in life, as I tend to forget about helping myself rather than other people if that makes any sense."

If you could go back and start your fitness journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes, what would you do?

"If I could go back and give a young(er) Mille a good piece of advice, I'd tell her that she shouldn't be afraid of asking questions - more specifically; asking other people for help."

"Also, I think I'd make sure to get myself working with a good and trustworthy coach from the start so I could be on the right track in terms of eating and training to begin with."

Finish this sentence: before this year ends, I ...

"Before this year ends, I promise that I'll have made a better package to show off at my next show in the fall of 2019. I'll also make my debut in the Figure class as well."

"I think it's unrealistic to say it's going to happen before the end of this year, but I want to put it out there that I want to have earned my IFBB pro card before the end of 2020."

Can you name some of your favourite supplements?

"I have my own personal little top 6 as far as supplements go:

  • 100% Whey Protein Professional (Chocolate Coconut flavour) by Scitec Nutrition
  • Essential Amino Matrix (Grapefruit flavour) by Scitec Nutrition
  • Limitless Pre-workout by Muscle Rage
  • CortiSolve by MPA Supplements
  • NOS Bomb by Muscle Rage
  • Water Cut by Scitec Nutrition

"If I was to name one single supplement that I would never go without, it would probably be my favourite essential multi vitamin/multi mineral product, which is Daily Vita-Min by Scitec Nutrition."

"I think everyone should be taking a good vitamins/minerals product. It's very important to maintain good health and vitality, and if you don't have that in check, you're not going to go very far in terms of results physique-wise."