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Leigh Routledge

Name: Leigh Routledge.

Age: 29 years old.

Hometown: Christchurch, United Kingdom.

Years of training: I started training initially at 19 years old, and took up powerlifting at 20. After four years of doing that, I had a three year break and began powerlifting again in early 2017 at 27 years old.


What division do you compete in?

"I compete in the men's equipped powerlifting under the IPO federation, and in the 275 lbs/124.7 kg class."


What's your best memory from competing?

"Flying across to the United States in November of 2018 after taking some time off, and winning the men's equipped open 275 lbs class."


What's your favourite/least favourite muscle group to train?

"Leg day of any variation is by far my favourite training day of the week."

"Training abdominals and doing GPP (general physical preparedness) work sucks, and so does the repetition method."


What kind of music do you listen to when you train?

"It's generally my Spotify playlist called Alpha & Omega Power Playlist, and mainly King810."


What's your favourite diet/cheat foods?

"As far as everyday diet foods go, it's mainly just beef and rice pretty much all of the time because I like to eat it and it digests well for me."

"If we're talking cheat foods, I absolutely love some fried chicken and a good pizza. AYCE sushi is probably my favourite. "


What's your current training split looking like?

"Day 1: Dynamic upper

Day 2: Max effort lower

Day 3: Dynamic lower

Day 4: Max effort upper."


Personal one .. What's your worst habit?

"Id' say sweating literally everywhere during dynamic squat sessions is a pretty bad one for me."


Can you name a supplement you would never go without?

"I can name a few that I'd never go without:


What's your favourite supplement stack?

"I value my health a lot, so making sure my diet and supplementation is point is something that I take a lot of pride in. My favourite stack for general health is:

I also like to mix the Jumbo by Scitec Nutrition with instant oats.

Like I also stated earlier, I like to take taurine pre-workout, and mix my essential amino acids with creatine intra-workout. For these, I go with the EAA + Glutamine and the 100% Creatine Monohydrate by Scitec Nutrition.


Finish the following sentence: Before this year ends (...)

"To win my class at this year's IPO Irish Pro Invitational, and qualify for the American National Championships again.