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Mathias Hald Hansen

Mathias Hald Hansen


we asked him about his plans for this year, Mathias said with a smile on his face: before this year ends, I'll be one step closer to the Olympia stage.

In 2018, Only Approved Athlete Mathias Hald Hansen won the IFBB Professional League Qualifier in the Classic Physique division at the Iron Rebel World Show in Copenhagen, Denmark, bringing home the overall title in his class and taking the first step towards his future.

Mathias is 26 years old and lives in Denmark with his girlfriend Sanne Mose Christensen in Aalborg (Northern Jutland)

He trains at a gym which just also happens to be the place to be when in Aalborg, Denmark; Gym & Fitness.

"My Worst Habit ..."

Sushi! - I can't deny that I'm a full-blown sinner when it comes to sushi. I like the fact that you're eating healthy but still getting away from the normal everyday diet - not that I find dieting boring but you get what I mean. Even though I take things even more seriously after earning my pro card, I still find that I need to enjoy myself and be social with friends and family.

I love training regardless, but the feeling of a skin-splitting pump in the days following the sushi festivities is absolutely priceless. All the sodium and carbohydrates just give the muscles an incredible feeling of fullness, and even though you might feel a little watery, the pump you get when doing something like chest or shoulders (my two favourite muscle groups to train) after a good sushi refeed is damn-near impossible to beat.

We went to Gym & Fitness in Aalborg to hit legs and calves, and even though Mathias is a pretty tall guy at around 190 cm/6'2", he carries a set of pretty impressive and well-proportioned legs: the lower body is without a doubt one of the strongest points in his physique.

"Normally, I train 6-7 days a week, so I have a pretty big need for adequate rest and recovery as well as good nutrition and supplementation. Back, chest, shoulders and legs are all separated so I can hit them very hard once a week. I usually follow up the heavy days up with some more "pump" type workouts in the days following. Arms and abdominals are sprinkled in the workouts as needed. Going with how I feel on the given day is very important to me. I feel that it's all about listening to the body - something that I've taken quite a long time learning how to do personally during my 12 years of working out", Mathias said.

When we asked Mathias how he manages to recover from all of the stress he puts his body through, he answered: "I feel like there's multiple factors that I can attribute my recovery abilities to. For example, I no longer work as a social worker, but shifted to having coaching as my full-time job. By doing so, I have more time to schedule everything. I enjoy my coaching job and helping people with training, supplementation & nutrition."

We thought you might like to know what Mathias does himself in terms of dietary supplementation, so of course we asked him. Mathias said that it was actually fairly simple: "Many would think that there is some kind of magic formula, but the truth is that there really isn't. I have all the basics in check: vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and a good whey protein isolate. In terms of vitamins and minerals, I like to use Life Extension because I think it's a trustworthy brand that comes at a reasonable price as well. For my protein I use Scitec Nutrition's products, which taste better than any other protein I've tried."

"I don't always use pre-workouts but when I do, I like to use something that really takes my energy levels to the next level, and it's usually only if my energy is very low. I'm currently using Limitless by Muscle Rage but I'll switch between products. I always make sure eat a solid meal with a good amount of carbohydrates about one hour prior to working out. Intra-workout I use essential amino acids (EAA) as well as an easily digestible carbohydrate powder; preferably VITARGO or Cluster Dextrin™, and I feel like this combination really helps me recover well."

"Post-Workout, I always have a protein shake with some carbohydrates to kick-start the recovery process, which is then followed by a more solid meal about an hour later. In times of dieting, I clean up the diet and tend to use more complex sources of food as closer as I get closer to the show, but in general my body needs a lot of fuel - something which is of course very convenient when dieting, Mathias which is offcause convenient while dieting", Mathias says. "If I was to recommend some products to the readers, I'd go with the Amino Charge by Scitec Nutrition, vitamins and minerals by Life Extension and perhaps the Glycobol® by Yamamoto Nutrition. Sure, it's a mixture of brands, but I feel like they compliment each other very well."