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Laura Brorson Antoft

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Laura Antoft


only three years of training, Only Approved Supplements athlete Laura Antoft earned spot among the IFBB professionals and started her fitness career at the tender age of just 21 years old.

Training has always been a big part of Laura's life, and after leaving the competitive gymnastics scene in 2014, she stepped up her weight training game and made it the main focus point.

She currently competes in the Figure division at the IFBB Professional League Level all around the world.

Laura is 21 years old and living in Horsens, mid-Jutland, Denmark, with her boyfriend.

She trains at a local Fitness World gym in Horsens, and says she loves being there because of the nice people there and the amazing atmosphere.

How did you get into working out and how long have you been doing it for?

"I've been working out in the gym with weights on a serious level for about 3 years or so by now."

"Working out and staying in shape has always been a big part of my life. I did gymnastics for 10 years, and was also on a competitive level here before I left it for fitness and bodybuilding at the age of 16."

What's your fondest memory from competing, training etc.?

"There's been a few good ones so far, actually. I feel like I learn something new at every single show I compete in. It's always different each time. Something that I'm grateful for in particular is all the wonderful people I've met and the friendships I've made from traveling the world for competitions."

"Back when I won the IFBB Olympia Amateur in Spain was very special to me. It was just a really big and exciting day for me with so many different emotions involved. I really worked hard for that show so winning it was a great feeling."

"My pro debut at the IFBB Professional League Muscle Fest Pro competition in Bucharest, Romania was also one that I'll never forget. I prepared for the show with the help of my beloved coach Sibil Peters, and it was just such a huge honor to stand among so many amazing and beautiful athletes at my first ever professional competition."

Which muscle group is your favourite one to train and why?

"Definitely legs. It takes a lot to go in and really push yourself in a leg workout."

"I mean, I've never heard of anyone puking during a chest workout (laughter)."

Which muscle group is your least favourite one to train and why?

"Honestly, there's not a single muscle group that I don't like to train."

"I enjoy training the weak points of my physiques just as much as I do training my strong points. It's all about attitude to me."

What's your current training program looking like, and can you name a few of your favourite exercises/techniques?

"At the moment I'm using a 3-split program that my coach wrote for me."

"It works really well for me and my recovery is very good when I train three days a week."

What kind of music do you like to listen to while working out?

"There's something called Fearless Motivation which is like sort of an artist that puts together all of these cool motivational speeches in audio files. I like to listen to that when training as it really fires me up and gives me a good feeling all throughout my workout."

"Other than that it's usually just podcasts or radio interviews etc. about training, dieting, nutrition and what not."

What's your favourite foods and how do you make your food tasty?

"My favourite foods as far as everyday or dieting meals go would be buckwheat and whey protein isolate to make porridge with, and gluten free bread with peanut butter: lots and lots of peanut butter!"

"How do I make food tasty? One word for you: stevia sweetener, and a lot of it."

"My favourite cheat meal foods would be burgers and pancakes."

What's your worst habit?

"I'm not sure if you could call it a habit per say, but for some reason - and this always happens to me - I can never find the caps to put on the spout of my shaker bottles. I have like 20 shakers at my house but only 2 caps or something. They always magically disappear."

"Remember when I said I use stevia to make my food tasty, and also that I said I used a lot of it?"

"I even use sweetener on my vegetables, that's how much I use of it. It's a little crazy."

If you could go back and start your fitness journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes, what would you do?

"As cliché as it sounds, I would do absolutely nothing differently, even if I was given the choice to go back and do it all over."

"I've learned from every single mistake I ever made, and I wouldn't change of what's happened over the past 3 years or so for the world."

Finish this sentence: before this year ends, I ...

"I always strive to keep improving my physique as well as my mindset. So by the end of this year, you'll see some major improvements in my physique, and I promise that I'll keep working on my mindset and make sure it's on point for me to become better every single day."

Can you name some of your favourite supplements?

"Well, I have a favourite morning stack that I always take before I leave the house. It consists of:

  • Daily Vita-Min by Scitec Nutrition
  • Omega 3 by Scitec Nutrition
  • MSM by Life Extension
  • CLA by Scitec Nutrition
  • FLOORASSIST Balance by Life Extension
  • NeuroSurge by Yamamoto Nutrition."

"Before my workouts, I'll use a good pre-workout occasionally, like Limitless by Muscle Rage. Intra-workout, I'll use a good essential amino acid product like Essential Aminos by Granite Supplements, and post-workout, I drink my protein shake with my favourite whey isolate by Scitec Nutrition (Raspberry flavour is my favourite at the moment)."

"One supplement I would never go without would be ZMB6 by Scitec Nutrition. It really helps me relax and have a good night with high quality, deep sleep. Rest and recovery comes from sleeping, so having it in my arsenal is a no-brainer to me."