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IFBB Pro, Jari Mentula, FIN (Ambassador)

Name: Jari "Bull" Mentula.

Age: 43 years old.

Hometown: Tampare, Finland.

Years training: 20+ years.


What division do you compete in?

"I compete in the open bodybuilding class and the bench press."


What's your best memory from competing?

"That has to be my IFBB professional debut at the 2009 New York Pro, or when I benched over 300 kg for the first time in a bench press competition; I can't choose one over the other."


What's your favourite/least favourite muscle group to train?

"It probably sounds horribly cliché, but I love to train arms and I hate to train legs. My arms have always responded very well to training stimuli - so have my legs but I just really hate leg workouts. Thank God they grow easily!"


What's your current training split looking like?

"Miloš Šarčev is in charge of my training and changes it around very often. If you don't know him, he was a true pioneer of many different things bodybuilding. Miloš has always been a big fan of giant sets, which is where you basically do one exercise and then go straight on to the next one, and doing so with 6 exercises or so.
Going back to what I said about me hating leg workouts, I can tell you a story that's surfaced around for a number of years now about Miloš doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions on the barbell back squat with 180 kg, taking only 60 seconds to rest between sets. That's the kind of intensity the man has always preached. A sample leg workout from Miloš could look something like:

A: Back Squat 10 sets of 10 reps, 2010 Tempo, 60s rest
B1: Front Squat on the Power Squat machine, 8 reps at a 3010 tempo, no rest
B2: Back Squat on the Power Squat machine, 12 reps at a 3010 tempo, no rest
B3: Hack Squat Machine with bands, 20 reps at a 3010 tempo, no rest
B4: Pendulum Squat machine, a double drop set with 3 reps at a 10-0-10-0 tempo each drop, no rest
B5: 45° Legpress, 10 reps close stance, followed by 10 reps mid stance, 10 reps wide stance, no rest.
B6 Legextensions, 100 reps, then 4 to 6 minutes rest and repeat this giant set for a total of 3 rotations.

You see why I hate leg workouts?"


What kind of music do you listen to when you train?

"I don't like to listen to music when I train, I just like to train and stay focused."


What's your favourite diet/cheat foods?

"If we're talking diet foods, I love oatmeal and could live off that stuff, but my favourite cheat food is sushi by far."


Personal one .. What's your worst habit?

"I can't really name one specifically, but I can say that I've torn my chest a few times; I guess that's as close as I can get."


Can you name a supplement you would never go without?

"That would be my intra-workout drink; something that Miloš is also a big advocator of. When you're doing such high intensity workouts and your muscles are under such a huge amount of continuous pressure, it's very important to have some carbohydrates and essential amino acids flowing through your bloodstream."


If you could go back and start your physique journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes; what?

"If I could go back and start all over, I'd get myself a good coach right from the beginning to make sure I avoided any unnecessary mistakes."


Finish the following sentence: Before this year ends (...)

"Before this year ends, I promise that I'll be a better father - and a father who's in really good shape too."