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Calle Lundqvist

Name: Carl-Rickard Lundqvist.

Age: 23 years old.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden.

Years training: 10 years.


What division do you compete in?

"I've competed in classic bodybuilding division, junior heavy weight class. Right now I'm doing my very best to fill out my frame so I can go on to be competitive as a senior heavy weight."


What's your best memory from competing?

"My best memories from competing is probably from my first show. A friend of mine and myself were on the stairmasters doing cardio, discussing and debating competing. We went and visited the Swedish IFBB's official website to see when the next competition was going to be held, and it was exactly 12 weeks after that very day, so right at that moment we decided to start our diets. I had no clue on how to count calories nor did I own a kitchen scale, so I went and bought one the same night and set up my diet for the show to come. I've always been a big carbohydrate eater, so I started my diet with approx. 700 g of carbs a day with 45 minutes of cardio. Fast forward 12 weeks, I'd dropped from 102 kg down to 90.4 kg, and had to do a pretty extreme depletion to reach that weight as well. Did I mention that I was still in high school when during all of this?"


What's your favourite/least favourite muscle group to train?

"I love to train; especially the big compound movements. Nothing feels better than having to control a heavy weight and push your mental boundaries. If I had to choose one muscle group as my favourite, it would be legs."

"My least favourite muscle group to train is definitely abs. They're something that I have to really commit to training regularly."


What's your current training split looking like?

"Here's a sample of what a normal training split would look like for me:

Day 1: Legs (quads, glutes and hamstring [pump])
Day 2: Chest (heavy) and shoulders (pump)
Day 3: Back (pre-dominantly machines) and biceps
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Legs (hamstring- and calf-focused with quad pump)
Day 6: Shoulders and triceps
Day 7: Back (heavy)
Day 8: Rest.

Repeat from day 1."


What kind of music do you listen to when you train?

"During training, I either listen to heavy metal or rap, and sometimes I go with Drum & Bass, trance or even hardstyle, but 80% of the time, it's hip hop/rap of some sort."


What's your favourite diet/cheat foods?

"My favourite everyday/diet food is read meat, white rice and avocado, and my favourite cheat food is sushi - without a doubt! I could eat it non-stop!"


Personal one .. What's your worst habit?

"I had a really bad habit that I recently decided to break. It's something we call 'snus' in Sweden, and it's like a tobacco product that put underneath your lip. It's been horrible to quit, but it was time to do it once and for all."


Can you name a supplement you would never go without?

"For me, it would be L-Glutamine. It's a much for me and a lot of people I coach since I've found it aids a lot in maintaining a proper functioning digestive system."


If you could go back and start your physique journey over, would you do anything differently and if yes; what?

"If I could go back and talk to a younger version of myself, I'd force myself to understand that you have to live in the now and have fun doing what I loved to do at ALL times. As far as training goes .. I've had to go through a phase in which I saw my training as my profession, which caused me to lose the passion for it for a while. I wish I never had to go through that, but luckily it's long gone now and I've never been stronger nor have I ever enjoyed the journey as much as I do now!"


Finish the following sentence: Before this year ends (...)

"Before this year ends, I promise that I'll eat a lot of sushi and set a lot of new PRs (mostly volume-wise)!"