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  • Calle Lundqvist
    11/06/2019 Daniel Emil Ussing

    Calle is a 23-year old Swede with a big passion for fitness and bodybuilding, strength training in particular, and helping people through personal training and coaching.

  • Svenja Siewert
    13/02/2019 Jesper Ørum

    German IFBB Women's Physique competitor and Only Approved Supplements athlete Svenja Siewert talks about training, dieting, supplementation, life in general, past experiences and future goals. To have a look at the full sit-down interview, click right here and have the full experience after the jump.

  • Mille Sofie Rasmussen
    04/02/2019 Jesper Ørum

    In this interview, we dive into the world of IFBB Bikini Fitness competitor and Only Approved Supplements athlete Mille Sofie Rasmussen. Mille has undergone quite an impressive transformation and like many others, have had to overcome a number of obstacles on her journey to get where she is today, but nevertheless, she still has her very own story to tell. Read it and find out more about how she goes about training, dieting, supplementation and more, after the jump.

  • Peter Lagermand
    31/01/2019 Jesper Ørum

    Peter Lagermand has pretty much become a household name within the Danish fitness and bodybuilding industry. After more than 20 years in the business, Peter is full of experience and has a lot of great knowledge to offer. We sat down and had a chat with him about his training, supplements, diet, how it all started, where he is know, where he wants to go, and more. Read the full interview after the jump.

  • Rikke Bloch Jørgensen
    28/01/2019 Jesper Ørum

    Sit-down interview with Rikke Bloch Jørgensen; our 21-year old athlete who competes in the IFBB Figure division. Get to know Rikke and find out more about her philosophies on training, nutrition, supplementation and much more after the jump.

  • Mathias Hald Hansen
    26/01/2019 Jesper Ørum

    In this interview with our Only Approved Athlete, IFBB Pro Mathias Hald Hansen, you can get a short insight into who Mathias is, and what he does for training, nutrition and supplementation. Mathias competes in the IFBB Classic Physique division and won his pro card in 2018.

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